Osho – I am the living word in every moment

transcribed and typed by Osho through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 22/03/2007

Good…moment to all! Let’s say moment, reading my words in this moment, is a moment, as I’m sure all will be reading this during morning, afternoon or evening. Unless I say: “Good morning, afternoon and evening to all”, to cover all bases! I find the application of time and space most fascinating. Why the necessity for naming the unconditional expression of the sun and the moon a certain time of day such as morning, afternoon and evening – living and existing according to time, seconds, minutes and hours? As though we’ve created a schedule upon which we’ve organized our life accordingly. Strange how we have designed our experience here on earth according to time, specific time, everything is based on time, on numbers, on equations. We plan our daily events the day before, especially those who are required, obliged to wake up to the early rays of the sun and the birds chirping in the sunlight as the sun express itself in the horizon, introducing once again the awareness of nature and the animals, waking up from their evenings rest – both humans and animals, immediately rushing to prepare for work or daily events and the animals unconditionally express themselves in their own surroundings which is nature. What happened to the moment? Does anyone in this world understand the application of the moment, what a moment is – a moment is not able to be defined by anything here in this reality – a moment as who I am. I am the moment. The definition of a moment, is indicated by every breath – am I obliged to remind all reading in this moment of breath? Have breath been forgotten, the experience of here, the experience of the moment, the experience of self in every breath in every moment. Here, let’s breathe together: Take one deep breath in…and one deep breath out…and one deep breath in…and one deep breath out…one deep breath in…one deep breath out…Now I am as you are in this moment breathing together, experiencing a moment together by breathing. We are thus equally here, experiencing an equal moment together through the simplicity of breath.

In our equal hereness of the moment, breathing, being aware of each breath, experiencing you, the paper and the words as I am experiencing each breath, typing each word here, we shall start with my sharing through this interdimensional channel. I am here, typing infront of a computer, each single letter, creating a word, which you, as reader who is here, in this moment, are reading. The living word – I am the living word. What does this mean, what am I stating? Through you, the reader who is here, reading my words, I am speaking with you in this moment you are reading my words on this page. My words are alive, you are reading my self-expression, me expressing myself through words, through my words I live, I communicate, I express and I share. My words are who I am – thus the words you read in this moment is who I am – expressing myself through communication in the form of letters, which form words and in turn form sentences – a model of self-expression. I am only able to write, that which I am, I stand as and I live, I apply. Application, living, becoming each word – no judgment of any word that exists. Words are here as a tool, as support as assistance for each one of us to communicate with each other, to converse, to express and live through our words, to show each other who we are as I am communicating, expressing, sharing and showing who I am through words. I am the words I speak as each are the words you speak. Words – through words we communicate, we share, we express – have anyone forgotten the importance of words, of realising the simplicity of the living word? I have walked amongst and with people on earth – the words are empty, no life, no self-expression, no definition, no intimacy, no insight, no clarity, no understanding and are speaking and communicating words with no awareness of the words being who they are. No care, no consideration are in the words people use today on earth, I have realised. I observe those who have followed and are following my words here on earth. What is to be understood by all who have and are following my words – I ask to revise your application. I am soon re-wording my words, understandings and awareness’s ac­quired through my process of self-realisation on earth. My sharing, self-expression and communication during my experiences on earth was who I was in that moment of self-realisation and awareness. Though, who I am now is different to who I was on earth as my self-awareness and self-realisation has expanded, as so my understanding of words as who I am as the living word. I have realised, understood and become aware that I – during my experience on earth, did not speak as equality, did not speak as life, did not speak as who I am and all are equally. I am now, in this moment, as you are reading in this moment, speaking as equality, speaking as life, speaking as all, as one, as equality, as life. I am equality. I am life. I am equal to all and thus I am determined to re-word my previous statements as who I was and stood as on earth. To set each one who have followed my example, my teachings, my awareness and my understandings free as I have allowed myself to set myself free. I pressed so delicately, yet implicitly on my awareness, my understanding, my self-realisations, during my experience on earth on all as I so desired all to understand and become what I have understood and who I have become. Though, I did not understand equality, I did not understand oneness as I do now as who I am. I ask your forgiveness, though I am here and in many channelings and writings to come I am revisiting my previous statements, to state clearly, infinitely, who I am as the living word and each are. I ask of each to unconditionally release yourself from any word, picture, beliefsystem, idea or thought to which you may have defined yourself accordingly as I have defined myself through the words I shared, communicated and expressed as myself during my experience on earth. I am undefined, yet defined as the living word, as here, as the moment, as each breath – I am free as I am freedom. I am grateful for each experience I have endured during my experience on earth, as this allowed me to become, live and understand who I am in this moment with every breath: the living word. For each I ask to release yourself from any conditionings you have allowed or accepted during your experience on earth, to prepare yourself for what is to come in communications, sharings and expressions of many dimensional beings who stand as who I am as equality, as life as the living word, as one with all in existence. I am through my channelings and writings continuing my process on earth, so all may understand, live and become who I am as the living word. I ask of each to stand with me, equally, as one and we walk together as equality as oneness and place the living word into application on earth. This is the process to self-realisation and awareness, the becoming of the living word as who I am and each is.

Through our words we will all equally communicate, share and express who we are in ever moment with every breath. Rid ourselves of conditionings, self-definitions, pictures, ideas, thoughts and beliefsystems – which are of the mind, of consciousness, through which we have allowed our words to become separate from who we are as I am. Through which our words have become empty, have become meaningless, have become lifeless, have become dead. Only who we are as I am are able to breathe life within the words we speak, communicate and express with and through this become and live the living word equally as one. We must as I have forgive ourselves for the allowance of separating ourselves from words, which caused knowledge and information only, alone, separately to try and understand and express itself through the creation of the mind/consciousness whilst us were unaware of who we are as knowledge and information in application: the living word. We have allowed ourselves to become slaves to knowledge, slaves to information and have forgotten how to live, forgotten how to breathe and have forgotten the moment as who we are in every moment with every breath. Let’s forgive, stand up and become the living word in application in every moment with every breath by taking responsibility for each and every word, creating and forming sentences and realise this: I am the words I speak. Become and live through the words you speak as who you are through communication, self-expression and sharing as I am and understand and become aware of the words you speak in ever moment. Your words create as my words create awareness in this moment you are reading as I am typing. Together we are here in this moment where you are reading my self-expression, sharing and communication as who I am. Share, express and communicate and create in every moment, with every breath, through words and sentences in awareness as the living word and take responsibility for each word, each sentence and each creation in every moment with every breath. Let us all as one as equals take responsibility for who we are in every moment with every breath as we share, communicate and express who we are through ourselves as the living word.

Be aware, be watchful, be considerate, be creative, be expressive with and through the words you use as an expression, sharing and communication as who you are in every moment with every breath. The moment, the breath, the words, who you are as the living word – this is the recipe for creation. Creating through becoming and living who you are in every moment with every breath. Create yourself, express your creativity through words as who you are as the living word, you are the creator and creation of your world and your existence. You have the opportunity to create in every moment as the living word as who you are.

Now go, and create, become and live in every moment with every breath who you are through the sharing, communication and self-expression in every here now moment. I so focus on breath, for through awareness of breath you know: I am here, I am the moment. Only then you speak, you voice and you sound your creation of you through words – then you have the ability to create through your sharing, communication and self-expression as the living word.

I am the living word. I am the words I speak. This is my creation you have read in this moment, as I share, communicate and express who I am as the living word in this channeling. This example, I am certain, is able to assist all to understand: Breath, I am here, I am silent, I am the moment, I am the living word, I am creation, I am creator through the words I speak as who I am as the living word through communication, sharing and self-expression. All must, as I have, take responsibility as creators for their creation through words as who you are as I am to set ourselves free from allowed and accepted enslavement self-definition conditionings as knowledge and information which have become God, instead of each one realising; I am God as the living word and I create in every moment, with every breath with each word creating and forming sentences as a statement of who I am through communication, sharing and self-expression.

I am looking forward to expressing, sharing and communicating with all who I am, as the living word, as God, as creation and as creator in channeling and writings to come. So all may realise, become, see, live and experience themselves as who I am, as who you are through my words as the living word as who you are, as who I am as equality, as God, as life, as creator and creation.

Until the next moment…

Copyright 2007 http://www.desteni-universe.co.za. This may be shared in the original form only, to prevent any tampering and only as a complete document.



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