2012 – The Process – Kryon Channelling – 4th of Dec 2011 – Laguna Hills, California

I was listening to the Kryon Channeling that was conducted on the 4th of December 2011 on Laguna Hills, California and within this Blog, I will discuss a specific point with regards to Surviving.

Kryon suggestion to step out of survival:

“Step one: Get out of survival! “How do I do that, Kryon?” Consider this: “Dear Spirit, I wish to soften my consciousness. When those who would insult me are trying to push my emotional anger buttons, I don’t want the buttons to work anymore. I want to disengage them. I don’t want to react anymore. I want to sit in peace. That is getting out of survival. I am safe in the arms of God – totally and completely safe.”

Well, let’s say you are able to stop your emotional reactions and get out of your survival of the mind. Will you stop to survive in this physically reality? Are those who have to physically survive and starve to death have any chance to transcend in 2012 according to Kryon’s Equality Equation?

Is the Equation that kryon is working with, is only valid/correct to the Elite? Is it possible that Money is the key for your transcendence? because, if you have money, you can step out of your mental survival and begin your process, simply because you have the ability to hear Kryon’s message and apply his suggestions.

 “As long as you are in survival, you will never know any other layer at all. As long as you’re in survival, you will not get to the next layer, and can’t even start the process.”

Those who don’t have money (which are more than 3 BILLION people in this world) do not have any chance to end their physical survival in the current Money System, not to mentioned stopping their mental survival as Kryon is suggesting to because they don’t have the luxuries to hear his message and support themselves.

Now, how come those who know everything, like Kryon, can not come up with a practical solution that will benefit not only the elite that can afford listening to his channels or join a seminar, but to all beings on earth?

Common sense people – a solution that will change this world to a world that respects all living beings, must be implemented practically.

We can sit, and hope, and meditate as long as we can but the bottom line is that – it will not feed the starving people, it will not provide them with significant health care, it will not insure that they will have purified drinking water.

Practical solution must be walked and it cannot be based on ‘Intentions’ like Kryon is suggesting. We suggest to investigate the Equal money System that will create a physical world that is best for all. Through the establishment of Equal Money System, we can start our process of having heaven on earth, for everyone.

Look in common sense at Kryon message and you’ll start seeing that it is based on massive separation, it is based on Self Interest simply because his message doesn’t take everyone into consideration.

Investigate Desteni, Investigate the Equal Money System, Investigate the ‘Desteni I Process’.



2 responses to “2012 – The Process – Kryon Channelling – 4th of Dec 2011 – Laguna Hills, California

  1. hi, well i see that this is a face value interpretation of the current world situation, and it is utterly 3 D. The world is as it is right now because of our long standing 3 D consciousness and our ignorant leadership. We have no idea why 3 billion people starve (there might be a purpose to this). Look at it from a universal perspective. Secondly, any change to be effected takes time since we are still in lower densities, so none of this must be looked at from a linear perspective. None of the galactic beings forsake money. Money itself is just a means of exchange. How we approach it is important. Check Kryon’s channeling on money and it’s importance. Everything is a part of A Greater Plan and it all has it’s purpose. The least or most we can do is intend while carrying out the actions required to bring those intentions into reality. There is no use complaining about existing system unless u have the authority to change it.

    • Yes, complaining without any practical solution is useless however, if you read my blog, you would see that i did present a practical and PHYSICAL solution which is the Equal Money System. Thus, turn it back to self and see that HOPE is useless! because despite of the physical evidence of abuse and suffer in this world, you enslave yourself inside an hope system while accepting and allow 3.3 billion people in this world to suffer. In that, not only you sabotage yourself, you are accepting the sabotage of others as equal with and one as you.

      So while you sit on your ass and hope that Kryon teaching is valid, there are children who are dying from starvation. all along, you could have stand up and say: till here no further, but you haven’t.

      Realize that you are attempting to defend your belief system through HOPE to cover the real you that exist within and as fear. that is a common polarity that exists in all religions as well as spirituality.

      Why can’t you see that this so called ‘greater plan’ is evil and based on abuse? why can’t you see that the only way you can hear Kryon’s teaching is because you have money? So while you “Intend” we at Desteni ACT.
      We have realized that this greater plan is the manifestation of abuse and pure evil and we do not accept and allow this world to continue in it’s current manifestation. we take responsibility for all that exits and we direct this physical world to a world that is best for all through the political arena.

      Now, if you defend or resist the practical activism of Equal Money, suggest to look within self honesty at your excuses and justification for how and why you allow abuse to exist in this world.

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