2012 – Kabbalah -The reasons for our discontent

“We find ourselves unhappy, unfulfilled, sad, depressed, miserable, or anxious when our desires seem to be ignored by the universe. It’s usually some form of chaos that precipitates our unfulfilled longings. Ill, health. Financial adversity. Problems in the marriage. Social pressures. All this turmoil occurs when we disconnect ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly, from the 99 percent realm.

 However, when we learn how to connect to this realm, we can control the events in our lives. We can prevent and eradicate the chaos that causes our unhappiness. We can turn on the light and vanquish the darkness.

Contact with the 99 percent realm is the secret key to fulfilment in life. But it’s not easy to do. That’s why the ancient spiritual masters of Kabbalah gave us the tolls and methods for reaching beyond our everyday lives.”

(Berg, Yehuda. The power of Kabbalah. 2nd. 1. london: 2004. 31)


Here is another great example of how the kabbalah disregards Life and the conditions that we have accepted Life to be. The Kabbalah claims that connecting to the 99 percent realm is the key to fulfilment however, Can the 3.3 Billion people that are starving to death all around the world, connect to the ‘Light’? Can they stop themselves from experience the physical suffering where their Stomach’s enzymes eating the flesh from the inside because there was no food going into their body in days, when they are connected to the ‘Light’? Does the ‘Light’ bring food to your table? Does the ‘Light’ make sure you have a decent house to live in?

Is it the ‘Light’ or ‘Money’ that can assist and support one to stop fighting for their survival and start investigating what Life as who we are actually and practically IS. Is it the connection to ‘Light’ or Money that will make sure all your basic needs are being met?

The ancient Spiritual masters of the Kabbalah haven’t given us any substantial tool to step out of our unhappiness and miserable life when we born in the ‘wrong’ side of this world’s polarity. No. The Kabbalah only occupied some of the people in this world through Hope and brainwash so that we can never step out of our mind and discover the 100% of reality that was ALWAYS here!

Money is the source of our existence because if we don’t have it, we are in a big problem. We won’t be able to continue functioning in this world and we simply experience slow and painful death from hunger, diseases or malnutrition.

What the kabbalah actually support is the elevation of self to the ultimate Mind-Fuck where one is seeking for a self interest ‘Light’ or One’s Happiness if you will which is all based on feelings and experience of higher energy when one is reading/studying the Kabbalah. What is interesting is that the words and the feelings that confirm the Kabbalah’s words are taken as TRUTH – in spite of the physical evidence of this manifested world of abuse and suffering of the majority.

We have always been ‘Here’ and the Answer was always ‘Here’ but as long as we continue seeking for external force that will make our lives happier, we further separate ourselves from ourselves as the physical Answer that is ourselves and within that, we compromise everything and everyone by blinding ourselves in our journey for the light. Isn’t it ironic?

Investigate Equal Money System to see, understand and realize that we have the power to create this world and ourselves via simple principles of ‘Give that which you’d like to Receive’ – Give Life to Receive Life. Equal Money System IS the first step for creating a world that is best for all in this physical Life time. Make sure that when one asks you ‘where were you in this Life’ you have a self honest answer. Stop hoping for a change and become the living change!

Thank you

2 responses to “2012 – Kabbalah -The reasons for our discontent

  1. Kabbalah is not a philosophy or theosophy. Kabbalah is work to be done. The kabbalists of the past were people of action, not people of theory or philosophy. They were constantly traveling from town to town, giving charity, and assisting people in creating better lives for themselves. This is why, in addition to classes and events, The Kabbalah Centre has created The Kabbalah Centre Charitable Foundation. The Foundation is committed to sharing financial aid and other resources to people in need, as well as creating long-term programs that benefit the local and global community. This is achieved by identifying urgent and critical needs around the world and establishing effective responses that adequately address these individual circumstances. While you nit-pick theosophy (and demonstrate your lack of understanding kabbalistic concepts), Kabbalah Centre students are out volunteering and helping others.

    • See, the problem with what you are describing here is that you are focusing on dealing with the consequences or trying to fix the already manifested consequences instead of sorting out the source/origin/core of the problem that is Here by making sure that we will stop creating consequences that later on we’ll need to fix. Obviously, what was already manifested as consequences cannot be fixed as we can clearly see how the world is currently function and this is why the Kabbalah failed the test of time. Thus, if there is no solution that is practically and physically best for all than the solution must fail as it’s separated from the real reality which is the physical reality that is consist of and exists as interdependent relationships.

      Charity is not the solution. why? if we standing as the person who gives charity, what are we really standing for? we are standing for keeping the situation as it is where someone is depending on our mercy instead of us making sure that the person in need will step out of his race for survival and step into a world that consider everyone and everything equally. Charity perpetuate the existence of polarity where some has and some has not.

      The solution that we are presenting is a solution that is visibly, practically and physically best for all – The Equal Money System wherein everyone, for the first time since oen of time, will have a dignified life – Food, Water, Houses, Education, Health care system, clothes and free access to everything that the world has to offer because we are all together in this one physical reality.
      Within an Equal Money System, we sort out the problem as the world system where profit and power are no longer the directive principle, where abuse and suffering are no more. the only thing that is valid within an Equal Money System is ONE simple principle – that which is best for all.

      As i’ve mentioned in my previous blogs – Money became our God that decide who lives and who dies. It is time to change the value of Money to a value of Life. (Life=that which forms part of the interdependent support that is here that make Agreement as life thus must always be founded and moving as that which is best for all parts).

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