2012 – kabbalah – Human intelligence

“…Does a rock have a soul? The answer is Yes! The only difference between the soul of a rock and the soul of a rock star is the degree and intensity of their desire to receive Light.

The more Light an entity desires and receives, the greater its intelligence and self awareness. A human being is more intelligent and self aware than an ant, and an ant is more intelligent and self aware than a rock…”

(Berg, Yehuda. The power of Kabbalah. 2nd. 1. london: 2004. 72)



Intelligence is an interesting word. Here is a perspective by Sunette Spies in relation to the word ‘Intelligence’:


“Intelligence – ‘Intel – Lie – Genes’

INTEL – as the knowledge and information of the mind consciousness system

LIE – the illusion of knowledge and information in relation to actual physical reality

GENES – the integration of the mind consciousness system as energy as knowledge and information into the human physical body that human beings function through and believe to be real, when in fact actually separated from physical living and existing as a system.

Intelligence is a programme of consciousness/the mind – that consist of and exist as the/a entire body of knowledge and information definitions about ourselves/ ‘who we are’ and our relationships towards ourselves, others and this world as a whole that in fact separate us from ourselves, each other and this world/physical existence. Because we’ve created relationships towards ourselves, others and this world through definitions/programmes within our Mind, and not in fact lived and actual real physical equality and oneness with ourselves, each other and this world. Intelligence is the programme/manifestation that actually separate us from establishing real/eternal relationships of physical equality and oneness.

The programme of intelligence manifests within consciousness/the mind and integrates/extends into our human physical bodies, so that what has happened is that we interact/participate through the physical in physical reality within this programme, INTERPRETING reality / relationships based on our own frames of reference in our minds as the knowledge and information we were TAUGHT that was imprinted / inserted / downloaded into us from those that has gone before us. We in no way stand by ‘who we are’ and actually live and relate to others, ourselves and this world within realising that ourselves, others and this world is in fact ourselves, our own creation. In this, each individual has their own “intelligence database” within consciousness/the mind based on individual self-interest, connected to our EGO’s and so intelligence only serves the Ego of Mind, and in no way contribute to the actual establishing/creating/manifestation of equality and oneness as a world/reality that is best for all, as all are too preoccupied with competing through Ego’s with Intelligence.

With Desteni, we’re in the process of transforming the knowledge and information of intelligence into practical living principles, and changing the starting point of self-interest/EGO to standing as an individual living as/for a principle that is best for all, and thus – transforming knowledge and information as consciousness/system into LIVING WORDS that will create/manifest a world that is in fact best for all.”


Now, let’s have a look at what we have done with our intelligence to be able to determine whether or not we are in fact intelligence human beings.


The Kabbalah is stating the that vessel, who consisted of and existed as the desire to receive light, no longer desired to only receive light but also wanted to give Light. However, there was no one to give light to and thus, the Light/God, decided to teach the vessel a lesson to be able to return to its origin/source and embrace its property of only standing in the side of the receiver within the Desire to receive light, which is the manifested consequences of the abusive and aweful world that we are currently experiencing.  Was that an intelligent decision?


Obviously, The Light/God’s plan didn’t work out so well as we, the human being, are far away from ever realizing the origin of ourselves and in that context, we can defiantly determine that the decision to teach us some sort of lesson wasn’t in any way an intelligent decision.


My perspective of the Kabbalist Myth with regards to the limitation of the belief in the purpose of the Light’s Decision can be read in the Blog – 2012 – Kabbalah -The reasons for our discontent


In spite of the physical evidence of the lack of human intelligence as the manifestation of this abusive world we keep on defining ourselves as intelligent human beings. Interestingly enough, I would rather define us as stupid.


Our acceptance and allowance of this world to exists as it is currently existence where 3.3 billion beings are born to die is a deliberate stupidity and doesn’t show or reveal any form of intelligence.


Our acceptance and allowances of the Health care system which is based on profit making instead of actual health care is a deliberate abuse. Why there is no cure to Cancer? Because there is too much money involved. Why there is no cure for diabetes? Because there is too much money involved.

Why there is increase in heart problems despite of the researches that was done with physical evidence that the condition can be changed and alter with a specific diet? Because there is too much money involved.


Why are we so blind? Because we rather place our power in faith and hope that there is a higher plan, higher forces that know what it’s doing and in that, we abdicating our responsibility of creating ourselves as intelligent human being that practically and physically create a world that is worth living. Why? Because we fear. We fear facing ourselves, our beliefs, our secret minds and actually look in common sense and self honesty at that which we have become. We rather accept the ignorance, the abuse, the suffering because we are protected by the great divinity of Money.

For the relationship between the Light and Money, please read 2012 – Kabbalah – The Root of our Unhappiness


So, how can we change our existence of stupidity to an existence of intelligence?

It is first to realize our own responsibility of creating ourselves as stupid human beings that influenced and control by the current world system; a system that is based on self interest, profit and abuse. Then, we can take the step of self responsibility, deprogram and reprogram ourselves as intelligent human being for the very first time; intelligent that is based on, consists of and exists as principles that are best for all lives. How? Self Forgiveness, Self Honesty and common sense


We have to realize our responsibility of creating a world that is best for all. We have to realize our power as the creators of this world and how to create with this power a world that is best for all.

We have to stand up for the very first time and take our power back to ourselves. We have to come together as humanity and create/manifest a world that we would like to inherit to our children.

We have to! No one will ever change this world unless we do.


Investigate Equal Money System and be the KEY to practically and physically change this reality.


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  1. Cool – thanks Maya for clarifying!

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