The Messiah is Coming to Save the World Or take our Money? – Day 225

If you haven’t yet watched – Derren Brown – Messiah – I really suggest you do so as this documentary will open up your minds in ways you couldn’t believe possible.


What I liked about this documentary is the Proven Evidence that one cannot deny, as Derren Brown takes us to a LIVE, groups meetings with Spiritual people, Religious people and all sorts of Believers and unbelievers and completely turns their lives up side down in a matter of minutes wherein, he would “convert” non-believers to believers and Believers to extensive believers through utilizing tricks, technics and skills.


Derren Brown himself claim that he had utilized the technics, tricks and “skills” that Gurus, Masters, Psychics etc. had written in their books, and that the fact of the matter is, that there is nothing magically or divine about what he does, to the contrarily.


What this documentary shows is how easily it is to alter and change one’s beliefs, how easily it is to trick one’s mind and how easily it is to install and program the human mind into and as a specific outcome without no awareness whatsoever of the humans themselves.


What was also fascinating was that he said to the cameras something like: “If someone would ask me how I am doing what I’m doing, I’ll tell them the truth, I’ll be honest with them and I’ll tell them that it is a trick; the problem is that no one is questioning me“.


Yes, this is indeed THE problem of human beings – no one is questioning one’s belief systems and simply accepting their beliefs as if it was the ultimate truth which they would follow ever so blindly without any physical cross referencing that they would form and walked for themselves.


So, Derren Brown could be the most appreciated Psychics in this world, the most Fabulous Dream Reader that exists, the Most powerful Channeller that was ever alive in this world and all of these attributes are confirmed with a rubber stamp by respectful beings in their filed of ‘expertise’. He could also make a fortune like all these people that validated the fake personality he presented to them but fortunately, Derren Brown is honest enough in seeing the deception, in seeing that any belief can be changed and altered in  a matter of seconds and that any belief cannot be real as all beliefs are programmable as he shown in his documentary.


It is a well known fact that the most “Respectable” gurus, master, spiritual teachers, psychics, churches  makes a fortune from our beliefs and if we change our beliefs, it would result in the reduce of their income. It is a well known fact that all of these above have something in common – Good and Positive messages that would lure one to pay more money to sustain and satisfied their desire for positivity in a world where there is nothing positive about it – we have daily wars, crime, starvation, diseases, terror, child abuse and so on.

It is also a known fact that nothing with these Positive messages had actually resulted with a significant change in bringing about a world that is best for all. It needs to be a known fact that all of these is part of the consumerism system to keeps human enslaved to their own minds with no way out in actually moving and directing themselves towards a change within themselves and within this world.


So – Derren Brown shows in a very simplistic way what Desteni is saying for more than 5 years now – we are Robotic Machines that are very easily programmable and therefor, we must take responsibility for what we programmed inside ourselves and change the program, in absolute self awareness and honesty. We must deconstruct every inch of our mind and change ourselves for once and for all so that we all can stand together and bring solutions that would result with practical best for all outcome – FOR ALL!!!


Thus, I would suggest to anyone who hold onto any form of belief to stop for a moment and start investigating where the belief came from, when did I start believing in what I believe? Can I cross reference my beliefs? Can my beliefs assist and support in bringing about a world that is best for all? Who benefit from me accepting and allowing my beliefs?


Start today your process of self transformation/change with the Free Online DIP Lite Course.



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