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The ProMise of 2012 (Part 2): DAY 236

By Heaven’s Journey to Life


The FORCE – continued

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How the Fruit of Life became Rotten – continued

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(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog – Heaven’s Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 – suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Now that we have opened up a few Dimensions regarding the Mind/Consciousness relationship to 2012, we’re through Self-Forgiveness and Self Commitments, going to explore more Dimensions, walk Deeper into the Dimensions that we established in the previous post – with particularly having a look at why/how it is that we’d celebrate ‘Death’ so, commit/align our minds/lives to a Death / an End ‘preparation’; but would not put in the effort for/as the creation/establishing/manifestation of a New Life/Living for All on Earth, in and as Equality and Oneness Here and why/how such a Point is/has never been Considered within and as the Minds/Consciousness of human beings/humanity as a whole.

So, before we start, let’s have a look at the sound, physical and energy Symbolism within the Word “Promise” – which is what the Nature of the relationship to 2012 exist as, which is also the same as with Religions/Spirituality – the “promise” of the hereafter/afterlife/end.

So, with looking at the heading, Pro-Mise, with Pro – representing Professional and Mise – representing a settlement/agreement, which if one relate ‘Promise’ to actual practical-reality terms/contexts, should be a statement that is made, professionally, professionally – meaning, that self in fact has the backing, the knowledge and information, the actual ‘life experience / physical reference’ for making a particular settlement/agreement to in fact be trustworthy/real. However, with having a look at the Nature of what ‘Promise’ has become, it completely contradicts such a reference of Promise to actual, physical reality. Human beings claiming that they’re “professionals” regarding the afterlife, hereafter, end-times etc., however – none of them have actually been in the hereafter/afterlife, have never actually directly communicated with the physical, and everything/all existent within this physical existence, and so have no Direct Access, Direct Experience, Direct Reference / knowledge and information, or any Direct Living regarding the dimensions of the hereafter, afterlife and end time and the connection between ‘Heaven and Earth’. So in this – the ‘Promise’ of the hereafter/afterlife/end times and any context given to such ‘Promises’ is not/cannot be trustworthy, if the human beings have had no Direct Crossreference in the relationship between Heaven and Earth, being able to Directly Explore the afterlife/hereafter, and the physical existence and communicate Directly with all beings involved, and be able to see their history within existence and how we all got to where we are now, both on Earth and in the ‘Heavens’.

So, I would really suggest that one invest in and investigate the Interviews available on EQAFE and the material in the Desteni Forums, where through the Portal – one have Direct Communication with beings here and in the hereafter, physical and interdimensional that in fact speak/show the REALITY of what is going on in existence. And, we don’t “make Promises” – we speak REALITY. And, it’s interesting, because of this – because we speak REALITY and the foundation of change/existential change being existent in taking SELF-Responsibility, human beings would rather opt for HOPE and Promises, than seeing-Direct what is in fact really going on and taking self-responsibility for what is Here.

So, if one have a look at the Nature of Promises even further – it exist within a “grey area”, from the perspective of – when making a “Promise”, one tend to believe that one in a way have a power, have a control over/of the outflow of events within one’s life. That a “Promise” is made within a sense of “empowerment”, as in “I can promise this / that” – that whatever the context / point is that one is ‘Promising’, one is in control over/of the situation/relationship/ ‘promise’. When, in fact – what is not seen, realised and understood is the extent to which our Minds, our Lives is interconnected, interdependent on other human’s lives, how our daily events unfold, the World System’s relationship to humanity as a whole, and there is No Way one can in fact self honestly say that one is Control / a position of Empowerment in relation to one’s Life/living in/as this Physical Existence. However – some human beings tend to derive this delusion of control/empowerment through ‘Promise’, as though ‘making a Promise’ gives one that authority; when in fact – it does not. I mean, one can even look at one’s relationship to one’s own Mind: one have no authority, power / control in one’s relationship to the Mind at all, thoughts come automatically, behaviours are automated, internal conversations and reactions are automated – everything in one’s Mind is not directed, in awareness, by Self in any way whatsoever – and one can in the Interview Series the Quantum Mind available on EQAFE educate oneself with the extent to which Consciousness in fact have authority, power and control over/of ‘who self is’ in/as one’s awareness in the Conscious/Subconscious Mind and the extent to which Consciousness exist within its relationship to the Physical Body.

So, for most part – “Promise” has become a statement/relationship that relates more to one’s Ego, than it having any context to reality in any way whatsoever. “Promise” creates more a HOPE, than a certainty pertaining to actual Reality outcomes. So, why is it that we’d rather hold onto Hope and Promise, than Certainty and Reality?

If one have a look at “Promises”, it has been changed / come to stand more in the context of having a look at the word Professional, and what we’ve come to term as ‘Professional’ when having a look at the relationship to Promises being made in terms of Prophecies and Predictions within the context of the hereafter/afterlife/end times. So, let’s look at the sound, physical and energy symbolism within this context:


Profess – which is what Prophets/Prophecies/Predictions do, they ‘Profess / make claims based on Knowledge, Information and Energy Experience only’, because no-one consider asking/communicating/referencing the physical/what is here in/as this physical existence, for example

ION – which is the relationship between I as Consciousness, in the O – continuation/infinity of /as the primary relationship N – between Consciousness and the Physical Body

AL – representing the ALL, including All of Humanity.

So, ‘Professional’ – has become more defined in the context / starting point of Consciousness, of having “Knowledge and Information and substantiating that knowledge and information to be real through the Energy Experience one have to/towards knowledge and information” and the extent to which human beings would trust knowledge and information and the energy experience they have within that, than actual, real physical contexts/evidence. And so, within this “professional” self-definition within the context of Prophets/Prophecies and Predictions – it’s all primarily based on individual’s Knowledge and Information in their Minds, and how this knowledge and information relate to particular Personalities in the Mind, and how such Personalities evoke particular-specific Energy Experiences within the Mind, for Consciousness. So, a “Promise’s” only benefit – is the ENERGY the human being would experience in the Mind, than it in any way actually pertaining to REALITY. Because the prophets/prophecies and predictions, only exist as Knowledge and Information in the Minds of human beings, because the prophets/prophecies and predictions have in no way been done with referencing REALITY, the Physical – communicating directly with what is here, have in no way been done with referencing the hereafter/afterlife, in being able to directly enter/interact with the interdimensional existence to for self see what is really going on.

So, I would suggest – considering one’s relationship to the word “Promise”, and not to make “Promises” – but to always stand within the context of reality when making settlements/agreements with other human beings. From the perspective, of one would usually say “I promise to be there” – in that, one is making the statement that one has authority/control/power over/of the outcomes of reality/the future, when one in fact does not. So, when making agreements with other people, make a clear “Yes / No” Statement, in that – one take responsibility for one’s agreement with another human being/arrangement. And if/as one then do not make the arrangement/agreement, due to unforeseen circumstances – one can take responsibility for the contingencies in referencing them for not being able to make the arrangement/agreement. Because, what tends to happen when ‘trying to make Promises’, is that – one go into self-blame/victimization, and/or others will blame self because YOU made the Promise, trying/attempting to place yourself into a ‘God’-status in relation to reality, when one is really in fact only an ant in the Giant of/as this Existence. And when/as one make arrangements/agreements, always reference REALITY “can I self honestly do this / not at this time” and prepare the road before self to be able to tend to the arrangement/agreement so that it’s a definitive YES/NO.

Thus, with this relationship to 2012, Religions and Spiritualities and the Promises within Hope that is being made, exist NO Self-Responsibility – because what can be “blamed” is that something/someone else, and so the one’s that were in Hope are labelled to be the ‘victims’ of the Promise not materializing/manifesting.

The starting point of promise thus, is made in HOPE and not REALITY, what is HERE in fact. So, within this then – what is our relationship to HOPE, again having a look at the Question: So, why is it that we’d rather hold onto Hope and Promise, than Certainty and Reality? Because, this is what we do – even in ‘daily promises’ made, we lean on HOPE, instead critically assessing/analysing reality and what is here, what is this Energy/Experience of HOPE that is so obsessive/possessive that is completely Blind human beings’ Mind from/of the reality of what is here?

In the next post, we’ll explore more the relationship between Promise and Hope and its connection to/as 2012, Religions and Spirituality…

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2012 – Kabbalah – Disassembling the Puzzle



“Dimming the Light meant obscuring its true attributes:


·         If Light exists on one side of a curtain, darkness must materialize on the other side when a curtain blocks out the Light.

·         Likewise, if timelessness is the reality on one side of a curtain, the illusion of time is created on the other side.

·         If there is perfect order on one side of the curtain, chaos exists in the other dimension.

·         If there is wholeness and exquisite unity on one side of the curtain, then there is space and the laws of physics on the other side.

·         If God is a blatant reality and truth on one side of the curtain, then Godlessness and atheism are the reality on the other side.  (religion/ataist)”


(Berg, Yehuda. The power of Kabbalah. 2nd. 1. london: 2004. 69)


The above statements based on the assumption that Polarity must exist for the explanation of the ‘Unknown secrets’ of existence. However, we have to consider why and how we’ve taken for granted the validity of Polarity and defined ourselves, our world and the existence accordingly?

What is a polarity? From
Dictionary.com website ‘Polarity’ is:

1.       Physics:

·         The property or characteristic that produces unequal physical effects at different points in a body or system, as a magnet or storage battery.

·         The positive or negative state in which a body reacts to a magnetic, electric, or other field.

2.        The presence or manifestation of two opposite or contrasting principles or tendencies.

Now, have a look, what happened when the polar manifestation/expression come close to each other? Let’s say when 2 beings have different set of Believes or wishes? A friction is created.

A friction is a resistance encountered when one body moves relative to another body with which it is in contact. A friction is also define as dissension, disagreement or conflict between persons, nations, etc., because of differing ideas, wishes, etc. (Dictionary.com)

We can determine that the consequences of Polarity are frictions and thus, by accepting and taking for granted, that existence is based on Polarities, we are blindly accepting and allowing Friction to manifest in spite of the physical evidence of abuse, war and suffering that exists within ourselves and within our world when 2 polar manifestations/expressions encountering one another.

What is fascinating is: when a friction is created/manifested and/or when we are experiencing ourselves in a conflict with another being, we are in the friction; we are the friction as we pick one side of a polarity and stick to it (pick one idea and stick to it). We defend it; we fight for it; we protect it. We are not capable or willing to step out of our stance and look in self honesty what we have missed the entire time (all the other possibilities of our perceptual reality); It is only through our Ego’s that we believe that we are right and everyone else is wrong.

From this perspective, we can also determine that when a friction manifests, we are extremely busy and occupied in our mind. We have ongoing thoughts: we justify our stance, we blame the other side, we calculate how to protect/defend ourselves in the best way possible, we convince ourselves that we are right and the other is wrong… but what have we missed in these chain of thoughts?……….. A breath……….

Some will raise an eyebrow and ask: “So what, so we’ve missed a breath. Big deal. As long as I win, as long as I’m in the upper hand, nothing else matters”.


Well… it does matter. We have separated ourselves from ourselves and others to such an extent that we cannot even consider the consequences that we are accepting and allowing to manifest in our life and in the world as a whole. We have accepted and allowed our thoughts, reactions, emotions and feeling to direct and control us, only to protect our very own beingness, our ego, our survival. We have not seen that we have allowed the world to come to this point of massive abuse and suffering through our blindly acceptance of Polarity and as such, Friction.


Our Ego, which has become our directive principle of our lives, as individuals as well as our world, created the belief that Polarity must exist because otherwise, how can one justify one’s self interest? How can one sustain one’s Ego without the presence of a Friction?


Here is a perspective that was shared on the Desteni Forum by Sunette Spies with regards to the design of Polarity within one’s mind.


“The Mind is designed within polarity: positive energy and negative energy. The Mind continues generating energy through the two polarities ‘jumping’ in constant/continuous interaction, from negative to positive, to negative to positive – ALL the time. And this happens in the Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious Mind. So, for example – in the Conscious-Mind, your thoughts will jump from negative to positive, in your Subconscious-Mind, your internal conversations/backchat you have with yourself will jump from negative to positive, your behaviour/physical experience as the unconscious-mind will jump from negative to positive, and with that – all the programs within the entire mind consciousness system that you are not yet even aware of, because you’re only preoccupied within the Conscious-Mind at this stage: jump in constant/continuous interaction from negative to positive, then negative to positive and so: the Mind has been pre-programmed into an ‘infinity-design’ where, everything is programmed to create friction, friction as you move from negative to positive, because that very friction between the polarities generate ENERGY = mind energy”. Sunette Spies.


(Note – for more information with regards to the Mind, Energy, Consciousness System, please visit the Desteni Forum and EQAFE.)


Generally speaking, the Kabbalah is basing its knowledge and information upon the polarity of Fear vs. Hope. We fear the unknown, we fear to die, we fear to face who we are; and we hope that when we will die, we will experience ourselves with bliss and live happily ever after in the arms of God/Light. The Kabbalah or any other religion for that matter uses fear to attract followers by saying: “if you follow my teaching, you’ll transcend and be with God/Light and if you don’t you are doomed to stay in the darkness”.

Those who fear and who are only concerned with what will happen to them in the afterlife, will follow such religion because they wouldn’t dare to take the chance that what the religion is preaching isn’t the truth.


Within the statements above, the Kabbalists “assist and support” us to sustain our believes beliefs in the necessity of a polarity and in doing so, expanding the separation by attempting to reveal the Secrets of existence to make it easier for us to believe and hope that they will direct us to a better life.   


Let’s have a look at the following statements:


“If Light exists on one side of a curtain, darkness must materialize on the other side when a curtain blocks out the Light.”


The polarity that is being presented here is between the Darkness and the Light.

Before going into the Unknown, let’s look at what we do know:  Darkness and Light as in Day and Night. We experience day and night as a polarity wherein when the Sun in on our side of the globe, we experience day/light and when the sun is in the other side of the globe, we experience night/Darkness.


However, the fact of the matter is that the day and night isn’t a polarity, it is a cycle; there is no friction that is created during the cycles as the earth rotates  around itself as well as the sun and when it is day for one part of the globe, it’s night for the other side of the globe. Our limited perception of ourselves is of a polarity because we are not able to perceive that there is always ‘day-time’ in some part of the globe as well as ‘night-time’.  


When scientist attempted to prove the existence of night/day as a polarity, they were only looking at one point of the friction that is created while earth is rotates around itself. However, when looking at existence as a whole, at the very substance that is in movement, there is no friction. The substance is equal to and one as the origin of itself and moves in harmony with all its parts.


Through looking at only ONE part instead of looking at existence as a whole as a movement of substance that is equal to and one with all its parts, we create assumptions that are based on this one point of polarity due to our lack of understanding of what existence really consist of and exist as.


We have accepted and taken for granted that polarity is Real and that it must exist, because this is how and what we are experiencing within ourselves and how and what we are experiencing within our world. We have never stopped for a moment and asked ourselves whether it is in fact real or whether it’s how we designed and have been programmed to see and experienced. I mean, how could we ask this question when we are IT as our mind? Can a robot tell or be aware of its existence as a robot? No. Having back chats/ reactions/ habitual patterns that we have picked up from our cultures/environment/parents proves that we are subjected to our mind and are walking as organic robots without any preference of Life. Looking at this world and our silence accepted of the manifested consequences proves that we in no way standing as LIFE that is best for all because if we have, we would stand up a long time ago and say – That’s it, till here no further.


From this acceptance and that which we have taken for granted that the world exists as a polarity, we have assumed to know the truth, we have assumed that we realize the secrets of the world however, we were misled the entire time because polarity can only exists as Energy; and Energy isn’t Life. It is just energy that was created as the mind to sustain our very own enslavement of and as the mind so that we will never see/understand/realize who and what we actually are as source, as substance, as Life.  

So let’s stop with preaching that we discovered the secret of Life and let’s become Life. Life doesn’t exist as a polarity. Life doesn’t exist as Energy.


When stepping from YOUR DARKNESS into YOUR LIGHT you will react with fear towards YOUR ALLOWED TRUTH. As you become aware of your existence as POLARITY, you will eventually see the illusion of energy. Your process of MIND POLARITY is not THE REALITY and eventually you will realise that you must give up both YOUR DARKNESS and YOUR LIGHT to return to THE REALITY as life, as what is best for all…  Neither light nor darkness will remain once ego is transcended..” Bernard Poolman


“Likewise, if timelessness is the reality on one side of a curtain, the illusion of time is created on the other side.”


Time is not an illusion. Our lack of understanding of what time IS, is being diverted through stating that time is an illusion. The Ego of those that claim to figure out how the world works, cannot handle the lack of understanding of what time IS and thus, came up with the assumption that Physical Time is an illusion and that timelessness on “one side of a curtain” isn’t time per say however – as above so below – Time exists both in the Physical realm as well as in the interdimensional realm.


In the dimensions, or the hereafter if you will, Time exists. Yes, it exits as Quantum time since one has the ability to see the entire Time-Line of everything because everything is Here – Past, Present and Future as outflows/consequences probabilities. However, have a look – we are doing the same within our mind – we are able to jump so fast in our thoughts between the past, present and Future.

The problem with our Quantum Time mind is that the Future is being looked at in a very limited way through our fears, believes, opinions, desires, interests and so forth. When we jump to the future in our mind, we are not walking the equality equation that is based on the actual variables within consideration of all and everything that exists. When projecting to the future in our mind, we create assumptions and ideas about the future without cross referencing that which we assume to be the truth and thus, create an illusion that unfortunately comes with consequences. However, it is not time that is the illusion, it is our mind that is the illusion that we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to exists, create and live as, as the abusive manifested consequences we are living as within this world and thus, it is time to take responsibility for our very own ignorant creation and start applying ourselves to stop the mind and become the directive creator of ourselves and this world.


“If there is perfect order on one side of the curtain, chaos exists in the other dimension.”

Here again is a statement that wasn’t physically been cross referenced. Until a few years ago, when the portal was opened, there was quite a big chaos in the dimensions. For more information with regards to how the dimension were before the portal was opened and how it is now, I suggest to listen to the Story of Sunette Spies as well as the History of the interdimensional portal that is available on EQAFE.


“If there is wholeness and exquisite unity on one side of the curtain, then there is space and the laws of physics on the other side.”

Here is another example of a statement that was made without the actual and physical understanding and without an actual cross reference of the information/statements that was presented here. This statement proves once again how we’ve defined ourselves through and as a polarity which create a friction between those who believe that this statement is true and those who do not. None of the believers can validate/confirm this information and thus, I wouldn’t base my entire belief system on a statement that is based on the acceptance and that which is taken for granted of Polarity. I would rather ask myself: How this information can assist me and this world in the process of getting ourselves back here, to the physical reality along with making sure that every being in this world has a dignified life? Can the information that is presented here be practically applied?


“If God is a blatant reality and truth on one side of the curtain, then Godlessness and atheism are the reality on the other side”

The polarity between the Atheist and the Religious; a friction which led to war, crime and abuse. Yes, there is no reference of God in this current manifested reality and if there is a god, he is evil being. If god would exist on the “other side of the curtain” and allowed the manifested consequences of this world, then again, God is Evil and as such, doesn’t stand as the definition of God, according to how our society defines a God. The belief in God/Light as the creator, is the cause of separation, where we’ve abdicated ourselves as the source/Life/Substance and gave all our power away to the idea of God. This was explained in much specificity and detail in the Atlanteans Interview series as part of the expansion of the History of Mankind, starting from billions of years ago to where we are now.


What would it take for us to start looking at everything in common sense? Self Will and self dedication. Through applying the tools of Self Forgiveness, Self Honesty, Breathing, writing and various of supportive tools for self realization, I’m able to start seeing things as they are and no longer be dependent on knowledge and information to define me. I’ve realized that any knowledge and information that doesn’t comes with a practical solution internally and externally, is useless.


Investigate Desteni I Process and Equal Money System.

Desteni I Process is a practical solution for ourselves to snap out of it and wake up from the eon of time sleepiness that we’ve allowed within ourselves. With the Desteni I Process and the assistance and Support of an assigned buddy, I’m able to take responsibility for myself and my creation and thus, stand up, face myself, correct myself and change. This is done through the realization of what is best for all is best for me and as such, I require aligning myself to and as the principle of what is best for all.


The Equal Money System is the external solution that will implement a system that is directed and driven according to the principle of what is best for all, where all beings on earth will have and live a Life that is worth living.






2012 – Why do We fear Dying if Heaven is full with Angels?

25821_10150146760945357_509870356_11748118_4831322_nIf Heaven is such a magnificent place, why don’t we all commit suicide and end the Suffering that is Here? If Heaven is a safe place with Angles and Gods holding everyone in his hands, why do we need to stay here on Earth, why do we have to keep on racing for our survival?

If Heaven is such a beautiful and protected place, why are we all so fearful about dying???

It is because inside us, we know the truth. Inside us we know that if such abuse is allowed on earth, Heaven cannot be a magnificent place as we tend to believe it to be. We know that for one to create an abusive world such as Earth, One is in fact Evil and the last place we want to be in is in his harms.

I did some Google Search today; I was looking at what Parents tell their children about Death. Here are some of the suggestions that people posted in relation to the Question: How do you explain Death to a child?

  • Tell them that someone went on a very long trip with Jesus.
  • daddy or mommy is with Jesus in heaven
  • From time to time people we love die. Sometimes people may get hurt badly or get old and it leads to death. When you die, all of the pain goes away. It is like going into a deep sleep. You will not remember dying. Then God will come to collect you and you will be with him and everyone else you have ever lost. You will never be alone, and there is nothing to be afraid of.
  • Tell them they went to a happy place with God
  • I would tell him/her that whoever died went to take a long sleep and when they get older explain the truth to them that they went to be with God and be happy forever
  • tell him that the person is watching you from up top but he /she is not here they are up in the sky

Interesting isn’t it?

I was listening to an interview that was done by the portalwith 7 years old boy that died from Leukaemia. He opened up fascinating points to consider about how parents tend to explain to a child that is about to die how the angels are going to protect him, how is will never be alone, how God will hold him in his hands and how he is so special because God has a plans for him.

The boy shared his experience of dying and how inside him, he knew that something must be wrong. He knew that he couldn’t trust heaven, it didn’t make sense to him that there is a purpose for Kids having to come to this world just to die from a terminal disease.

He asked himself, in the age of 7 years old, how is it that if Heaven is a safe place, all the adults fear of dying. He couldn’t understand how One can fear dying and at the same time say that God will hold him in his harms and the angles will take care of him.

If you are ready to hear this 7 year old boy, I suggest you do so and check out the History of the InterDimensional Portal – Part 2that is available on EQAFE.

We know! We know that the same creator that allowed children to die from cancer, is Evil. We know that if abuse of 3.3 billion people who are starving to death is allowed, Heaven cannot be a good and positive place because if it was, it won’t be allowed. We know! And this is why we hold on to Life and fear to die. We know…

What would you do to change the experience on Earth if you are the creator?

Give that which you’d like to Receive and become the voice to change this world to a world that provide dignified Life to all. Stand up for a world that support research even if there is no Profit that stand in it’s way so that terminal disease could actually be treated.

It is time to wake up. It is time to let go of our belief that cannot be crossed reference, to make sure we are not deluding ourselves. It is time to look at what is HERE and make the best out of it, taking everything and everyone into consideration.

I suggest to assist and support you to see, realize and understand what is really going on in Heaven and Earth from the glasses of Common Sense. Investigate Desteni, Investigate Equal Money and Walk towards a world that is best for all, internally and externally.

Thank you.

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