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Swami Muktananda – In the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God

There has walked many human beings on this earth – that has prepared the way for what is to come. You are here because of those that has gone before you.

I may have spoken of great wisdom and insight – much knowledge of the truth that dwells unnoticed by many within of Self. Though irrelevant and reminiscent becomes the words that are forgotten when they are not lived practically in this world – irrelevant and forgotten become the words if they do not stand as who we are – and in this standing live the words as who we are.

A mistake made by many, including myself – insight, wisdom, knowledge, understanding: No matter how beautiful or profound – is empty and worthless without self as presence as the words – without self as awareness as the words – without self living the words.

Thus – honour those as you that has gone before you – and live the words as one as you: Here is where I remain, where I live, where I exist.

No – God is not within you nor is God within anyone else – God is the living word: In the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God.

What I find fascinating is that human beings want to be God, is that human beings claim to be God – empty words of wisdom and knowledge and experiences they have had they themselves do not understand or comprehend completely: Though they miss the most important ‘step’: Living words as one as Self. They claim to be God – but have they lived the living word as who they are – living words as one as Self? No – they have not. Therefore – when they die – they will be most lost: Those that were first will be last and those that were last will be first.

Wanting/desiring to become God – is the most profound trap of enslavement in this world – that have raptured the very core of beings into separation. Seeking God as themselves or within others through utilizing methodologies of this world.

The becoming and search of God is the most impossible yet desirable trait of human beings in this world – when who you are exist in and as the most simplest of expression: The Living Word – this is missed – this is overlooked – the ‘answer’ the ‘key’ to self to the question to the search of self is right here: Words. It has been with you as you for eons of time and you haven’t noticed…

Living words as one with you: I am words. I am word. I am life. I am one. I am equal. I am expression. This statement: I am – is not a statement – it is an expression of who you are that you live within and as oneness and equality as life in every moment of your breath. This is a process – not an instant ‘becoming’…

You have taken the very nature of yourself for granted – your words – your words are who you are – thus who you are is in your words…

Human beings – live the words you speak…I am…as one with you as equal as you…this is the very existence and experience and expression of you.

Be watchful when you speak – when you voice – be certain that when you speak the words are one with you as you as who you are of life – if they are not – you will surely create and experience what you speak and what you voice as who you are – you create and manifest and experience what you speak – if necessary – do not speak or voice at all – until you are clear and certain of you as who you are with every single word you utter.

The words expressed above are not profound or great – they are common sense and certainty. Maybe we as humanity has been lost in complexities, confusion – that common sense and simplicity seem the ‘greatness’ and ‘profoundness’ of expression when it is not…

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