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Conversation with the Mind as God



“your thoughts create your reality.

Your mind is more powerful than you know.


Are you worried about something right now?

Are you feeling unsure about something these days?


God invites you to change your thinking.

Miracles seldom occur in the lives of those who do not consider them possible.

There could be a miracle waiting for you this minute.


Please make room for it in your thinking. Thanks.


Love, Your Friend….”

Neale Donald Walsch





Let’s place ourselves in the shoes of several beings in this world to see their answers:


A starving kid:

Are you worried about something right now? Yes, I fear dying because I haven’t eaten for 2 weeks.

Are you feeling unsure about something these days? Yes, I’m going to die soon because I can’t find anything to eat.


A starving Mother:

Are you worried about something right now? Yes, my kid didn’t eat for 2 weeks. I fear for his life never yet my own cause who will take care of him when I’m dead.

Are you feeling unsure about something these days? Oh yeah, I’m unsure about everything these days – I have no food, the winter is coming, I have 3 kids to feed..


A sex Slave:

Are you worried about something right now? Yes, I was forced to had sex with 3 man that likes rugh sex, I can’t take it anymore, my entire body is in pain I have another 2 man coming later. I’m worried that I will never get out of this.

Are you feeling unsure about something these days? Defiantly yes, there is nothing I’m sure about those days – I can’t get out of this Life that I have, I get bitten my men that likes rough sex 3 times a week, I’m forced to be a sex slave, I get no money for it, my family is in crises and I can’t help them..


Homeless on the street:

Are you worried about something right now? Ofcourse I am.. I’m living on the street. I lost my job, my pension, my entire family is unprotected nor safe, I have no way to provide for them, my kid is sick and I have no health insurance for him

Are you feeling unsure about something these days? I’m feeling unsure since 2008!


Should I continue or you got the point???


Now, let’s say to each one of them :

God invites you to change your thinking.

Miracles seldom occur in the lives of those who do not consider them possible.

There could be a miracle waiting for you this minute.


What would they say to those statements?


So Neale Donald Walsch have a direct access to God. Maybe he can ask God to assist and support the majority of this world? Why haven’t he done so? I mean, the world is quite fuck up; If he can communicate with God so why hasn’t he already walking toward a solution that is best foe all? Haaaa.. There is no money in it. There is only Money in those that can buy his books, movies, programs..


I would like to live in a world where all of these beings that I’ve mentioned above can answer the questions with the Answer:

I’ve no worries these days because I have a world system that is taken care of me. I’m safe in this world, I have food, shelter, education, health care and much more than that! Life is great.


Luckily, there is a way to make sure this type of answer will be made – Equal Money System.

There is no God that will save us, there is No God that will form any kind of miracles – there is only US. Human kind.

Are we going to do something for this world to be a world that is worthwhile for each and everyone of us?

Are we going to take our responsibility to physically and practically establish a world system that will consider everyone equally? A system that respect LIFE? A system that is based on the principle of What is best for all?


 Visit the Equal Money System Policies website and place your Vote.

Join the Movement that literally care about LIFE and are walking towards a solution that will make LIFE a LIFE that is best for ALL – for you, for Neale, and for every being on earth that is currently unfortunate within his/her life experience due to Money (or Lack of it).


Study and investigate what is really going on in this world and stand up. Prove that LOVE exists with the ultimate act of LOVE – Love thy neighbour as thyself and make sure that LIFE is given to everyone! Because you can do it. You can provide LIFE. If you Dare!


2012 – Why do We fear Dying if Heaven is full with Angels?

25821_10150146760945357_509870356_11748118_4831322_nIf Heaven is such a magnificent place, why don’t we all commit suicide and end the Suffering that is Here? If Heaven is a safe place with Angles and Gods holding everyone in his hands, why do we need to stay here on Earth, why do we have to keep on racing for our survival?

If Heaven is such a beautiful and protected place, why are we all so fearful about dying???

It is because inside us, we know the truth. Inside us we know that if such abuse is allowed on earth, Heaven cannot be a magnificent place as we tend to believe it to be. We know that for one to create an abusive world such as Earth, One is in fact Evil and the last place we want to be in is in his harms.

I did some Google Search today; I was looking at what Parents tell their children about Death. Here are some of the suggestions that people posted in relation to the Question: How do you explain Death to a child?

  • Tell them that someone went on a very long trip with Jesus.
  • daddy or mommy is with Jesus in heaven
  • From time to time people we love die. Sometimes people may get hurt badly or get old and it leads to death. When you die, all of the pain goes away. It is like going into a deep sleep. You will not remember dying. Then God will come to collect you and you will be with him and everyone else you have ever lost. You will never be alone, and there is nothing to be afraid of.
  • Tell them they went to a happy place with God
  • I would tell him/her that whoever died went to take a long sleep and when they get older explain the truth to them that they went to be with God and be happy forever
  • tell him that the person is watching you from up top but he /she is not here they are up in the sky

Interesting isn’t it?

I was listening to an interview that was done by the portalwith 7 years old boy that died from Leukaemia. He opened up fascinating points to consider about how parents tend to explain to a child that is about to die how the angels are going to protect him, how is will never be alone, how God will hold him in his hands and how he is so special because God has a plans for him.

The boy shared his experience of dying and how inside him, he knew that something must be wrong. He knew that he couldn’t trust heaven, it didn’t make sense to him that there is a purpose for Kids having to come to this world just to die from a terminal disease.

He asked himself, in the age of 7 years old, how is it that if Heaven is a safe place, all the adults fear of dying. He couldn’t understand how One can fear dying and at the same time say that God will hold him in his harms and the angles will take care of him.

If you are ready to hear this 7 year old boy, I suggest you do so and check out the History of the InterDimensional Portal – Part 2that is available on EQAFE.

We know! We know that the same creator that allowed children to die from cancer, is Evil. We know that if abuse of 3.3 billion people who are starving to death is allowed, Heaven cannot be a good and positive place because if it was, it won’t be allowed. We know! And this is why we hold on to Life and fear to die. We know…

What would you do to change the experience on Earth if you are the creator?

Give that which you’d like to Receive and become the voice to change this world to a world that provide dignified Life to all. Stand up for a world that support research even if there is no Profit that stand in it’s way so that terminal disease could actually be treated.

It is time to wake up. It is time to let go of our belief that cannot be crossed reference, to make sure we are not deluding ourselves. It is time to look at what is HERE and make the best out of it, taking everything and everyone into consideration.

I suggest to assist and support you to see, realize and understand what is really going on in Heaven and Earth from the glasses of Common Sense. Investigate Desteni, Investigate Equal Money and Walk towards a world that is best for all, internally and externally.

Thank you.

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