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The ProMise of 2012 (Part 2): DAY 236

By Heaven’s Journey to Life


The FORCE – continued

The Chicken or the Egg??? – continued

How the Fruit of Life became Rotten – continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog – Heaven’s Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 – suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

Now that we have opened up a few Dimensions regarding the Mind/Consciousness relationship to 2012, we’re through Self-Forgiveness and Self Commitments, going to explore more Dimensions, walk Deeper into the Dimensions that we established in the previous post – with particularly having a look at why/how it is that we’d celebrate ‘Death’ so, commit/align our minds/lives to a Death / an End ‘preparation’; but would not put in the effort for/as the creation/establishing/manifestation of a New Life/Living for All on Earth, in and as Equality and Oneness Here and why/how such a Point is/has never been Considered within and as the Minds/Consciousness of human beings/humanity as a whole.

So, before we start, let’s have a look at the sound, physical and energy Symbolism within the Word “Promise” – which is what the Nature of the relationship to 2012 exist as, which is also the same as with Religions/Spirituality – the “promise” of the hereafter/afterlife/end.

So, with looking at the heading, Pro-Mise, with Pro – representing Professional and Mise – representing a settlement/agreement, which if one relate ‘Promise’ to actual practical-reality terms/contexts, should be a statement that is made, professionally, professionally – meaning, that self in fact has the backing, the knowledge and information, the actual ‘life experience / physical reference’ for making a particular settlement/agreement to in fact be trustworthy/real. However, with having a look at the Nature of what ‘Promise’ has become, it completely contradicts such a reference of Promise to actual, physical reality. Human beings claiming that they’re “professionals” regarding the afterlife, hereafter, end-times etc., however – none of them have actually been in the hereafter/afterlife, have never actually directly communicated with the physical, and everything/all existent within this physical existence, and so have no Direct Access, Direct Experience, Direct Reference / knowledge and information, or any Direct Living regarding the dimensions of the hereafter, afterlife and end time and the connection between ‘Heaven and Earth’. So in this – the ‘Promise’ of the hereafter/afterlife/end times and any context given to such ‘Promises’ is not/cannot be trustworthy, if the human beings have had no Direct Crossreference in the relationship between Heaven and Earth, being able to Directly Explore the afterlife/hereafter, and the physical existence and communicate Directly with all beings involved, and be able to see their history within existence and how we all got to where we are now, both on Earth and in the ‘Heavens’.

So, I would really suggest that one invest in and investigate the Interviews available on EQAFE and the material in the Desteni Forums, where through the Portal – one have Direct Communication with beings here and in the hereafter, physical and interdimensional that in fact speak/show the REALITY of what is going on in existence. And, we don’t “make Promises” – we speak REALITY. And, it’s interesting, because of this – because we speak REALITY and the foundation of change/existential change being existent in taking SELF-Responsibility, human beings would rather opt for HOPE and Promises, than seeing-Direct what is in fact really going on and taking self-responsibility for what is Here.

So, if one have a look at the Nature of Promises even further – it exist within a “grey area”, from the perspective of – when making a “Promise”, one tend to believe that one in a way have a power, have a control over/of the outflow of events within one’s life. That a “Promise” is made within a sense of “empowerment”, as in “I can promise this / that” – that whatever the context / point is that one is ‘Promising’, one is in control over/of the situation/relationship/ ‘promise’. When, in fact – what is not seen, realised and understood is the extent to which our Minds, our Lives is interconnected, interdependent on other human’s lives, how our daily events unfold, the World System’s relationship to humanity as a whole, and there is No Way one can in fact self honestly say that one is Control / a position of Empowerment in relation to one’s Life/living in/as this Physical Existence. However – some human beings tend to derive this delusion of control/empowerment through ‘Promise’, as though ‘making a Promise’ gives one that authority; when in fact – it does not. I mean, one can even look at one’s relationship to one’s own Mind: one have no authority, power / control in one’s relationship to the Mind at all, thoughts come automatically, behaviours are automated, internal conversations and reactions are automated – everything in one’s Mind is not directed, in awareness, by Self in any way whatsoever – and one can in the Interview Series the Quantum Mind available on EQAFE educate oneself with the extent to which Consciousness in fact have authority, power and control over/of ‘who self is’ in/as one’s awareness in the Conscious/Subconscious Mind and the extent to which Consciousness exist within its relationship to the Physical Body.

So, for most part – “Promise” has become a statement/relationship that relates more to one’s Ego, than it having any context to reality in any way whatsoever. “Promise” creates more a HOPE, than a certainty pertaining to actual Reality outcomes. So, why is it that we’d rather hold onto Hope and Promise, than Certainty and Reality?

If one have a look at “Promises”, it has been changed / come to stand more in the context of having a look at the word Professional, and what we’ve come to term as ‘Professional’ when having a look at the relationship to Promises being made in terms of Prophecies and Predictions within the context of the hereafter/afterlife/end times. So, let’s look at the sound, physical and energy symbolism within this context:


Profess – which is what Prophets/Prophecies/Predictions do, they ‘Profess / make claims based on Knowledge, Information and Energy Experience only’, because no-one consider asking/communicating/referencing the physical/what is here in/as this physical existence, for example

ION – which is the relationship between I as Consciousness, in the O – continuation/infinity of /as the primary relationship N – between Consciousness and the Physical Body

AL – representing the ALL, including All of Humanity.

So, ‘Professional’ – has become more defined in the context / starting point of Consciousness, of having “Knowledge and Information and substantiating that knowledge and information to be real through the Energy Experience one have to/towards knowledge and information” and the extent to which human beings would trust knowledge and information and the energy experience they have within that, than actual, real physical contexts/evidence. And so, within this “professional” self-definition within the context of Prophets/Prophecies and Predictions – it’s all primarily based on individual’s Knowledge and Information in their Minds, and how this knowledge and information relate to particular Personalities in the Mind, and how such Personalities evoke particular-specific Energy Experiences within the Mind, for Consciousness. So, a “Promise’s” only benefit – is the ENERGY the human being would experience in the Mind, than it in any way actually pertaining to REALITY. Because the prophets/prophecies and predictions, only exist as Knowledge and Information in the Minds of human beings, because the prophets/prophecies and predictions have in no way been done with referencing REALITY, the Physical – communicating directly with what is here, have in no way been done with referencing the hereafter/afterlife, in being able to directly enter/interact with the interdimensional existence to for self see what is really going on.

So, I would suggest – considering one’s relationship to the word “Promise”, and not to make “Promises” – but to always stand within the context of reality when making settlements/agreements with other human beings. From the perspective, of one would usually say “I promise to be there” – in that, one is making the statement that one has authority/control/power over/of the outcomes of reality/the future, when one in fact does not. So, when making agreements with other people, make a clear “Yes / No” Statement, in that – one take responsibility for one’s agreement with another human being/arrangement. And if/as one then do not make the arrangement/agreement, due to unforeseen circumstances – one can take responsibility for the contingencies in referencing them for not being able to make the arrangement/agreement. Because, what tends to happen when ‘trying to make Promises’, is that – one go into self-blame/victimization, and/or others will blame self because YOU made the Promise, trying/attempting to place yourself into a ‘God’-status in relation to reality, when one is really in fact only an ant in the Giant of/as this Existence. And when/as one make arrangements/agreements, always reference REALITY “can I self honestly do this / not at this time” and prepare the road before self to be able to tend to the arrangement/agreement so that it’s a definitive YES/NO.

Thus, with this relationship to 2012, Religions and Spiritualities and the Promises within Hope that is being made, exist NO Self-Responsibility – because what can be “blamed” is that something/someone else, and so the one’s that were in Hope are labelled to be the ‘victims’ of the Promise not materializing/manifesting.

The starting point of promise thus, is made in HOPE and not REALITY, what is HERE in fact. So, within this then – what is our relationship to HOPE, again having a look at the Question: So, why is it that we’d rather hold onto Hope and Promise, than Certainty and Reality? Because, this is what we do – even in ‘daily promises’ made, we lean on HOPE, instead critically assessing/analysing reality and what is here, what is this Energy/Experience of HOPE that is so obsessive/possessive that is completely Blind human beings’ Mind from/of the reality of what is here?

In the next post, we’ll explore more the relationship between Promise and Hope and its connection to/as 2012, Religions and Spirituality…

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The ProMise of 2012: DAY 235

by Heaven’s Journey to Life – http://heavensjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-promise-of-2012-day-235.html

The FORCE – continuedThe Chicken or the Egg??? – continued

How the Fruit of Life became Rotten – continued

Who I Am as Money – continued

(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog – Heaven’s Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 – suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

With December MARKing the nearing of a number of Prophecies that have filled many human beings’ Minds with the Promise of various damning / salvation Consequences – dependent on which prophecy one side with, which within this, in a way, also relates to the Polarity that we’ve been walking thus far, the friction and conflict relationships, the what one Stand For / what one Stand Against – so, in and from this Post: we’re going to explore/walk through the multi-dimensions of Consciousness in most human beings’ relationship to the Prophecies of 2012, and how such relationships are / have simply been furthering the human’s awareness into and as CON of CONsciousness, with still, no Attention being paid to ‘life on earth’ in/as this Physical Existence. So, before we start with walking this Process through within Self Forgiveness, and Self Commitments – let’s open up a few Dimensions:

It’s fascinating that the entire 2012 Industry has become an Religion in itself, or no different to Religions that occupy the Minds of Humanity, because – just as with Religions, there are different Prophecies existent with regards to 2012, and so Humanity is again grouped into different categories of beliefs/faiths/praises regarding which Prophet of prediction/prophecy suit their Minds/experiences. And so, as with Religions: many are waiting, and waiting, and waiting for either doom or salvation. However, the 2012 Religion has evolved the ‘old Religions’, from the perspective that – it’s no more “waiting for your doom / salvation” in heaven/hell/ascended dimensions: it’s now All going to happen RIGHT HERE in/as this physical existence. So, here is then also the connection of Spiritualities/Religion regarding ‘death’ / a death, from the perspective of ending up in heaven/hell/ascended dimensions or wherever it is one will be ‘going’ with the advent of all the different 2012 Prophecies.

So, what is then within this, being more ‘realistically’ challenged within human beings’ Minds/Consciousness – is ‘Death’ / ‘what happens after death’. Some Prophecies give human beings a control over/of a death, such as within the realms of Spirituality, through ascensions/shifts, and then with Religions through following specific rules/laws/regulations of belief/faith/praise that will secure you a controlled position into and as Salvation; and obviously within this is existent the polarity of the bad/negative/evil/dark side of it all, that if one Do Not/Have Not followed in faith/belief the rules/laws/regulations of what will secure you a position/place in the Promise of a ‘better Afterlife’ / ‘shifting/ascending from this physical existence’: there will be Consequence, accordingly. So, instead of how it’s always been before – “waiting for one’s Death” to reach the afterlife/heaven/attaining ascension etc. it’s like “time has been compressed” and it’ll all happen right here, right now according to the days/times that’s been set by most Prophecies.

So, the question within this all is – Why would we so fervently change our lives for the prospect of ‘Death’ / ‘a Death’, especially when it Promise anything better than what we face in our Minds and in our Daily Lives as what ‘life on Earth’ in/as this Physical Existence has become? Because, this is what 2012 and the Prophecies within it essentially accentuate/emphasize, an End, a Death, which is within this – a very well dressed-up, deliberate Suicide, essentially – this process of how many human beings are preparing to leave, to end, to die, to go; to no more exist in the Minds, their lives, in/as what ‘life on earth’ has become. But it’s not viewed as a form of Suicide, because – it’s being induced by something/someone/unknown forces ‘unseen/invisible/Mighty/Powerful’ and one is ‘going to go to a better place’ than what is existent here within/as this Physical Existence. But, the starting point within this entire 2012 Religion, is in fact a leaving, an end, a death – people think/believe that their attention is existent within ‘going to some place better/more/advanced/evolved’, but what is chasing that want, need and desire is the prospect of leaving behind what ‘life on earth’ / ‘life in the mind’ is/has become.

Now, some questions exist within this all, which are the following: Can any human being, at this stage say, that they’ve in any way, physically, practically, contributed/dedicated their lives to do EVERYTHING possible with the resources available to them, to assist and support mankind, this physical existence, the animal kingdom? And, I mean, this is not just about praying, meditating, going to church, heightening vibrations/energy states of consciousness – I mean, actual, real physical-practical participation – really getting out there in the World to change the lives of Humanity? So, it’s interesting within this, then – that, what would such “requirements”, of only having to pray/read books/go to institutions/heighten vibrations/frequencies/meditating (which, by the way seem to only, predominantly, benefit the MONEY system than actual ‘life on earth’) say / reveal about the gods/beings/forces that have apparently placed such requirements of reaching a salvation/attainment, but there’s never anything practical, regarding Living In/as this World, taking Responsibility for what is Here, changing what is Here – all such practises do, is seclude/separate/lock the human being into and as the Mind/Consciousness, Internalizing themselves completely, separating themselves from the Physical/this Physical Existence – existing entirely in “two worlds”, the consequence of our living in this real, physical existence, and then living to/towards the prospect/promise of/as a “better hereafter/afterlife/ascension”.

So, many human beings are creating this absolute Hype regarding 2012, the end, a death – driven, motivated both by/through Fear and Excitement, and even those that do not ‘believe’, do Wonder – for moments, “what if” / “what would happen” / “who would I be” etc. So, here again – existent the Polarity, the Fear of Death, the Fear of our Minds, the Fear within our Lives, and then the Excitement to/towards the end / a death in the Future – the REALITY, being the Fear that we’re existent within, that relates to ‘what life on earth has become’ and the excitement the ILLUSION, as it relates to an alternate reality “somewhere out there”. So, all this 2012 Process is doing, is furthering human beings’ friction/conflict relationship between the Physical REALity and the CONsciousness/mInd Illusion, because human beings aren’t seeing, realising and understanding the extent to which all of this is in fact only happening in their mInds, seeing through the “I” of Consciousness, instead of with the Physical EYES, the REAL EYES with regards to what we’re accepting and allowing in our lives, humanity and this physical existence as a whole as our direct Responsibility to/as what ‘life on earth’ as become. And, even with us having TWO EYES (for most human beings) to SEE through, and even if one cannot physically see – one do SEE within self through the Eyes, the Physical Eyes of others when one hear about what’s going on in this world and the deterioration/extinction within and as it: that human beings will not use the REAL EYES, but will use the mInd’s “I” as Consciousness, and the Personalities within us that’s determined this “I” of/as Consciousness as the “who I am”; this One “I” that will only see One Point, through One Point, One Dimension as ENERGY and entirely miss the Multi-Dimensions of/as this Real, Physical Existence if/as human beings would only See and Hear through and as the Real Physical, in and as Equality and Oneness Here.

And so, in and as this One Point, One Dimension of/as Energy as Consciousness as the mInd as the “I” in separation from/of the equality and oneness with/as this Physical Existence: human beings’ awareness is easily Distracted into and as “tunnel vision” to see nothing else but through ENERGY/Consciousness, and completely miss what is in fact really going on in/as this Physical Existence – which such 2012 Prophecies illustrate. Because, not one being has even considered: Asking the Physical, everything that is here in/as this Physical Existence – what’s going to become of Humanity, what the future holds for this existence. That, human beings are so separate from their own Physicals, into and as Consciousness/Energy – that human beings haven’t even realised, that the Physical is Aware, can communicate, can express, can show, can teach – as is being walked through the Portal, in Interviews, especially – all available on EQAFE. Where, for example, at the moment – the Animal Kingdom are coming through, and communicating/showing/giving perspectives of the current existence of humanity, and our relationship to the Physical Existence, and the multi-dimensions of equality and oneness in/as the Physical that is/has been missed, ‘cause human beings are missing in/as their awareness, in/as their relationship to the Physical, this Physical Existence as a whole.

So, if any “doomsday” / “end times” are coming, it’s going to be directly and indirectly created/manifested by/through the Minds, the Consciousness of/as the human race, which is what we’re already, single-handedly doing, because while the majority of human beings’ attention is being diverted to/towards 2012 – the World System continue as is, its consequential relationship to humanity, this physical existence continue as is, the Elite remain in their positions of authority/control as is…and human beings would still, even though nothing will happen, justify, validate / excuse the reason/purpose for the Prophecies not materializing…EVERYTHING else, BUT taking Responsibility for/as what is HERE in and as this real, physical existence. So, this is another point that 2012 has in common with religions, spiritualities, movements – not taking Responsibility for self, self’s life/living, self’s relationship/position to humanity/this world system, to how we’re accepting and allowing ‘life on earth’ to continue existing as is, with no Change – but existing in/as the distraction, the preoccupation of what human beings can Imagine in/as the Quantum Reality of ENERGY as Consciousness, in/as separation from/of the Physical/this Physical Existence as a whole.

So, we’ve got Many more Dimensions to walk through, which we will continue in the Next Posts to come – here are but a few to consider, and we’ll furthermore explore/walk the dimensions of, for example – how/why human beings ‘live for Death’ so, but would not ‘Live/Change for LIFE, here on Earth in/as this Physical Existence’? Why/how are our Minds to preoccupied with Death and the Fear thereof, already from early on within our lives – instead of aligning ourselves/our lives to LIVE / change this world into/as an existence of LIFE? Why/how is it, that the World System/Consumerism System primarily makes its profit through exploiting the Fears of Death of human beings, why is the World System/Consumerism System not geared to ensuring LIFE/LIVING for all of humanity, equally as one?

And then finally, what is sound, energy and physical symbolism existent within/as the word ProMise and its alignment to/as Prophecies/Predictions for/as the Future?

…more to come in the next posts.

2012 – The Excuses that Kryon started to share

“And now you are working the puzzle and moving through a shift that we promised would come, and it is here. Now, just think: When you reach the other side of 2012, you will have 18 more years to go where you are still in the energy of the Galactic Alignment. It’s a 36-year window and you’re not even halfway through it [speaking of the precession of the equinoxes].

Here’s what that means to Spirit: There’s an energy created in this alignment window that is absolutely special and will not occur again for 26,000 years. You have 18 more years to change this planet in this specific energy of manifestation, to plant the seeds. You’re already doing it. It’s already happening. At the end of the 18 years, I’ll give you a prophecy: The beginning of real peace on Earth in the Middle East.

You’re going to see ways of solving puzzles that you never saw before. In that amount of time, the youngsters, who are only teenagers now, will be leaders. They’ll be on their way up. They’ll be thinking about concepts you could not think of in an older energy. They will be solving puzzles that you said were unsolvable. There will be technology that is going to help the planet in ways you didn’t even dream could be. That’s the prophecy in 18 years, for I know the consciousness of those coming and I can see what the strongest potentials are of the planet at that time – all because old souls awakened and did their job. How do you feel about it?”

 And the excuses started.. We have another 18 years to really experience the change, another 18 years to be occupied in the delusion of ascension, another 18 years more to keep us enslaved to the idea of enlightenment without us practically do anything to physically change this world. Isn’t it wonderful?

 So what will it take to make people, commonsensically see that there is no actual solution that Kryon is sharing in his teaching, in terms of changing this world. He is placing hope into people and with that ‘Hope Design’ his followers are trapped in a belief system that what they are doing is enough and they don’t really need to do anything else to change themselves or this world.

 Why does he speak in codes? Why can’t he be direct and simply say – “look, this is how you’ve designed yourself, this is the consequences of your doing and this is how to practically correct/change you and your world”. Whyare the messages never direct and to the point but rather always abstract without any practical statements that can be applied and lived by all?

Why does Kryon message not considering all that is here and is only directed to the Elite, to those who can hear/read his message. We are the Elite, which are you and me, those who are able to blog and use the internet and read each other writings, those who can work and support themselves financially and support themselves with decent house and food. It is not directed to the other half of this world that are living under 2$ and per day, surviving each and every moment and fighting for their lives. No, it is only for those who are lucky enough to get born in the ‘right’ equation of the polarity.

So now, when the end of 2012 is almost here and we are so close to expose the deceptive message of enlightenment, excuses start coming up to make us believe that the prophesy is still true by saying it will take another 18 years. And in 18 years, we’ll see that the dates will change and alter again and again and again. Not ever realizing that the solution was always ‘HERE’ as the physical because we are so caught up in our mind that we can’t see how practical and simple the solution is, a solution that is best for all in all ways possible.

So a suggestion is to open your eyes, and ask yourself questions when you reading/hearing Kryon’s messages or any other Elitist chanellers. I’ve been there, I was one of Kryon’s followers for a few years and I know how it feels so good to feel Kryon’s Love within you when reading/hearing his messages or seeing the numbers 11:11. However, I’ve realized that I’ve created that feeling in separation of me as well as designing/programing myself to see those specific numbers and to feel that specific ‘ Energetic Love’. How do I know that I was my own creator of those experiences? Because I was able to stop those experiences once I’ve seen HOW and WHY I’ve programmed/designed myself to feel that system designed love and seeing those Numbers in total separation from myself and this world

I will share here how I was able to see, after few years of blindly follow Kryon’s messages, the in consistency in his message and the extent of separation in his words:

Few years back, on my first journey to India, I started to read lots of Kryon’s teaching. It was really intense for me and for another 2 years, I was really into it and was very interested in what he had to say. I thenof course, started to see more and more 11:11 and 22:22 wherein I believed that because I’m seeing those numbers consistently, I’m special and Kryon’s energy or presence is with me.

Few months after I finished reading the ‘Journey of the Soul’ by Michael Newton, and while I was learning to channel with my guides, I decided to stay the entire weekend at home and meditate. At that time, I was defined myself as a ‘healer’ and I even had my own home clinic where I ‘healed’ people so in other words, I was fully into the spiritualism and I was absolutely sure that Kryon is ‘here’ with me, assisting and supporting me in the healing process of others as well as assisting and supporting me in my enlightenment process.

In that weekend, while I was sitting and meditating and trying to communicate with Kryon directly, I suddenly realized that none of that make sense. The extent of separation, not only here on earth but also in the hereafter was extreme. In the ‘Journey of the Soul’, the enlightenment process in the hereafter was explained, and suddenly, while I wasn’t able to communicate with Kryon nor my guide, I had a moment where I saw how this entire spiritual process I attempt to walk didn’t make sense. I asked myself, how it was possible that when you cross over, you have to walk your enlightenment process if everything is ‘here’ in quantum time? (‘here’ in that context was when one is crossing over). How cruel it is to experience such abusive lives without being able to directly communicate with the ‘hereafter’ to practically guide you to change? And how is it possible that we do not remember our enlightenment process, enough to be able to actually walk the correction instead of repeating looping the same points life after life after life; or why is one so limited when crossing over in terms of not being able to communicate freely with everyone but only with your soul group. For better context of how come I was able to ask those questions, read the ‘Journey of the Soul’.

Since that moment of realization that everything that I know is based on separation, I started my process of looking for solutions that make sense in all possible aspects, which led me to Desteni almost 3 years ago. This time, I wasn’t allowing myself to go blindly after something but to actually ask myself questions, looking for inconsistency, to make sure I won’t fall into the same trap. Almost 3 years and I haven’t found any inconsistency, not even a bit. The message remains the same from day 1 when Desteni first went public on the internet.

You have to understand, when I started to question Kryon’s teaching, I was really really frustrated because I couldn’t believe that I fell into the trap of my own mind. For example, few months before this specific weekend where I began to open my eyes, I was worried about those that are not preparing themselves for 2012 in terms of what will happen to them in the dimensional shift at the end of 2012.

I was specifically looking at those who do not have the chance to even hear/read Kryon’s message and as such, can not prepare themselves for 2012. I’ve been told that it is part of the ‘big plan’ and beside, those are the people that are facing their negative Karma of their past lives.

The frustration that came out on that weekend was because I realized how deliberately I abused those people through calming myself down with the assumption that those people deserves to live in hell on earth due to their Karma in their past lives. I have allowed a statement such as “that’s ok, don’t worry about them, they are facing their shit and you are so special because you are an old soul that volunteered coming to earth to be part of the change”.

 Obviously, I didn’t have initially the Self Forgiveness tool to assist and support me to stop the frustration and actually walk a physical correction as well as working towards the establishment of Equal Money System to make sure all lives are being taken into consideration and all have a dignified life.

 I realized, it is pointless to be angry/mad/frustrated about what I’ve accepted and allowed as a spiritual person because there is no actual self change when allowing oneself to participate in such emotions. What is useful is to change myself, to stand as an example that practical change is possible and that a world that is best for all is the solution and as such, do what is necessary to be done to make it so.

 So, I ask you to take my words into consideration when hearing Kryon or any other spiritual being. I ask that you dare to challenge the words that are being spoken and investigate whether a practical solution is being presented, whether common sense is being shared and whether the message is considering all living beings as what is best for all.

 Investigate as well Desteni, and check it for yourself, I dare you to challenge the Desteni message so that you’ll see that consistency is the key, the physical is the key and that we are the solution to practically change the world.



Osho – Changes

Osho – Changes

Osho’s chanelling through Sunette, transcribed by Andrea.

Date : 04/02/2007

This is Osho. For the first time channeling. And conveying my personal experience. Since moving to the dimensions/heaven. My first vision and realization, after crossing over was that nothing was as it seems. In our current understanding of existence, in 3D (earth). I am here, here now, for the first time channeling because I have been preparing myself for the information that is to follow. This may come as a shock, to some beings and maybe some not, but I am able to say with absolute certainty that God do not exist.

As you know me especially those, who have read my books I go straight to the point. We are alone in this process. Quite a statement to comprehend. Allow me to share with you, my experience of coming to realization that God do not exist and what we all as one do from here. At first I encountered demons moving freely in 3D, feeding off energetics specifically created from emotions most prominently those with an extensive amount of fear. In this moment of observing such application I realized how self obsessed, self involved and self addicted not only those in 3D/earth, but also those in the dimensions or heaven is. We here in 3D/earth only focus on self ascension and self awareness to attain the apparent heavenly light, but what of those in 3D who starve of hunger, who are deliberately murdered, molested and abused and so forth. We focus so much on ourselves that we forget about those who are one with us in essence, that suffer. The same application was experienced in heaven or the dimensions. The demons were lost beings, the other apparent enlightened dimensional beings were so focused and enclosed in their little limited world of attaining enlightenment and ascension that they were completely oblivious to the lost beings called demons. The reason I was most probably able to clearly see what is busy happening is because I while being in this reality, was actually doing the same thing, ignoring the lost beings/demons.

So, to place my understanding and explanation I have just conveyed into an example of my own personal experience while I was in 3D/earth. Some of my work and the reason I say some, is that in channelings to follow I will be changing some of the applications and understandings of truth in this reality I wrote about and shared with you in my books. If one look at my specific application, I was also captured in my own self-obsessed world. I may have spoken many direct truths regarding the specific behaviour of human nature and our relationships to each other, and everything else but I have realized that none of the words or truths I have shared I placed, experienced and expressed as myself in practical application. Thus, knowledge was not in application. This is the current status of existence. Only information transference and knowledge of self-realisations or realizations of the world and the world’s current status is being shared. Even if you have read my books and look closely you will notice, that I merely conveyed knowledge and made a name for myself. Yes, my words may make absolute sense in some areas, but yet again there was no practical assistance of how to live and experience the words I spoke as an expression of self. If one look at channelings today, it is the same nonsense over and over again. Yet again just knowledge, great and profound words of information being shared with no practical assistance for beings to assist themselves. Have you not asked yourselves the question why you are almost literally bowing at the feet of some apparent master, enlightened being, angel, or God or Goddess from some planet or heaven who is just merely sharing information, knowledge or news and not actually practically walking beside you, assisting you, step by step. I have some unfortunate news, all these beings whose only valid expression of existence was to speak words and do absolutely nothing have less understanding than what you on earth actually have. These beings portrayed themselves as more than those who are on earth, and those on earth clearly allowed this manipulation to continue. So a suggestion, for each one to have a look for themselves, is to actually read channelings that have occurred in the past, the specific words that have been spoken and from that day have a look at your own life and the world around you and ask yourself but have these beings really actually done anything? Has there been any changes and ask yourself has it just mere words being spoken with no meaning? If I have a look at the world today, and the other channelings coming through, my answer would be no.

As I have said before, the question probably asked is what now? Clearly, there is no actual proof of the words being spoken by the channels of the world today, in actual manifestation as an experience of self. We have allowed ourselves to be controlled and manipulated with beautiful words, knowledge and information, creating the idea of hope that someone will safe us from this god-forsaken world. But clearly, there is not one actual example, expression or application on earth that stand beyond just beautiful words, knowledge and information. No being has yet placed knowledge into application and actually living as the living word in manifestation on earth.

Clearly if demons were able to run free and deliberately influence others, that beings in 3D/earth are raped, abused and murdered, one is not able to say that any form of a God or higher being exist. I stood there and could not believe my eyes and at this moment my ears as well. For there are channelings occurring in 3D/earth with false messages, of the truth of where we all are in this process as one. I realized with a assistance from one spectacular literally mind blowing being in 3D/earth whose name I will not reveal yet, that something had to be done to change our current way of existence. For the acceptable existence of demons or lost beings as well as war, abuse, violence, child molestation could not be tolerated.

It was fascinating to watch demons in application, dimensionally. And the strangest thing is, that the apparent enlightened beings, as they portray themselves on earth resisting negative energies, blocking out the bad, separating themselves from the demons had the most demon attachments of any being on earth. For it works as follows, if one resist negative energy and only focus on positive, a polarity is created. And within the application of that which you resist, persists and a compounding of the negative energy occur and the complete opposite is attained. And thus demons had a feast, on earth feeding off beings’ emotions. Now I have another question, if such demonic applications were allowed on earth, why haven’t the beings channeling the masters, the angels, the gods or goddesses done anything to assist the beings on earth who are being influenced by the demons. Yet again, confirming my statement that the beings channeling were only speaking beautiful words, but not practically doing anything to support the beings in process on earth.

It angered me that these so called Gods, higher beings, enlightened beings, masters and angels in the dimensions or heaven were doing nothing as a practical application to assist the world. Surely, from having so much knowledge of the universe one would think that there’d be a being who would take responsibility for all as one, and stand up as the image and likeness of God and do something about what is really going on. So, the question remains, how do we change this reality?

I have an answer and no, unfortunately it is not news of Jesus coming on a cloud, saving everyone. It is the simple act and application of forgiveness, for as I have said, God do not exist. We are alone and thus, we have only ourselves to trust and to stand up, as all as one, as the image and likeness of God. How I got to this and the application of what it means to stand up, as the image and likeness of God, will be explained during another channeling. I will also explain how demons in present day do not exist any more, and how there is now only one heaven, and how all of us in this new heaven will support all beings in 3D/earth to bring forth the new earth. I am here for this moment, sharing with you this message, that we all are currently part of the process of bringing forth the new heaven and the new earth. The new heaven has already been established. We had to give up everything, to go through the eye of the needle, to be able to experience the new heaven. And, thus now with our current understanding, we will be assisting you to establish the new earth.

My apologies, for this channeling, being rather vague, but my next channeling will be more specific, and detailed in explaining my process. Surely, I am specifically not going into detail yet, so that you may start asking questions. So that all of you who read this, can stop being sheep, always following and start taking yourself in your own hands and take responsibility for yourself as all as one.