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Mother Teresa: My perspective on purity

Mother Teresa: My perspective on purity

Transcribed and typed by Mother Teresa through Andrea

Date : 05/06/2007

Purity as the word describes is able to be seen from one perspective only. Where are you in relation to yourself in everything you do? Meaning if I were to give you an example, if you were to hold yourself responsible at all times, and at all costs for what your own individual actions are, you create within yourself firstly a relationship, then trust then purity. Purity is therefore much the same as intimacy and trusting oneself with regards to your actions and deeds, including the words you speak – whether in communication or thought.

Let us first look at the building blocks of purity which firstly as I have mentioned comes from the relationship you have with yourself. Are you willing to firstly understand what it means to develop and nurture the relationship based on purity, trust and responsibility that we have so long forgotten? What does it mean to you to actually stand alone, with nobody but yourself to trust and honour ?

First honour thyself, before you honour those around you. ‘First honour thy self ‚ – This Self I am referring to here, that is required to be honoured as who you are, to be able to honour others as who they really are, is what I will be explaining more in depth here for each one to clearly understand this specific Self as who each human being really is, in honouring themselves as also those around them. This specific Self I am referring to here, which exist within each human being here on earth as who they really are, is Self existing in oneness and equality with all of and in existence as one and equal with who they are. Self which exist in infinite stability and consistency, an infinite silence and nothingness existing within them that is them. Self which stand up and take responsibility for all as one and say as a statement within themselves which they live and apply in every moment with every breath: “‘Till here no further. I stand up for who all human beings really are, as who I am within this presence of Self. I do not accept and allow anything less than who I am in all of existence as one and equal with who I am and therefore I stand within this presence of Self, infinitely here with every breath in every moment – and take responsibility for all as one so they may realize their own oneness and equality with all in and of existence as equal and one with who they really are within their own presence of Self expression.”

This Self is what is to be honoured within each human being here on earth when they realize who they really are and in this realization they walk in every moment, with every breath and not accepting anything less than who they are in all of existence. This Self being honoured within as who each human being really is in every moment’s living and application with every breath, the honouring of other’s is possible. Because you have realized yourself, you have realized all other human beings as who they really are, because you have honoured yourself in every moment, with every breath as you lived and applied the statement of who you are, you are able to honour others by not accepting anything less than who they really are, because you have done so within yourself and proved it to yourself also.

Honouring Self and honouring another is not accepting or allowing anything less than who you are and therefore who others are around you – no matter what measures are required to be taken to have human beings realize who they are as you have realized who you are. You will and must be able to go where all had feared in risking everything to have human beings realize who they are as you have realized who you are, the not allowing and accepting anything less that who other human beings are that surround you, is the directive application lived and expressed in honouring who other human beings really are as you have realized who you really are.

This is the only relationship that is to exist within a human being as well as the only relationship that exist with others in their world: Not accepting anything less than who they are including not accepting anything less than who others are and risking everything to have all human beings realize who they are as you have realized who you are.

Simply put, how are you able to honour others when you are not clearly honouring yourself as seen so often within the choices that we make. Honour comes from within, that is not something you are able to get anywhere else. When one loses respect and honour for yourself you might as well die, as nothing else makes this life worth while. To continue without respect and honour for yourself is to carry on without being here, as some might understand it to fully be the total hereness of yourself in everything you do. Respect and honour for yourself based on the truth of yourself, that as the Hereness is when your mind has not left you in the past therefore your stability is that which opens you to the expression of self in every moment.

Once your mind takes you further back or forward then the here moment, with every breath you have split yourself and therefore are not fully present. Presence of self is therefore crucial to forming a relationship with self. How else are you supposed to build and nurture a relationship with yourself when you are not even fully here and present within yourself with every breath to be able to be honest with yourself in realizing where within yourself are you accepting and allowing anything less than who you are to be able to direct yourself, and therefore others effectively? Are you here merely by stating the words? Or are you here when you release all past ‘baggage’ and move with the tide of life as a whole being, no part of you separated. Speaking and living words as one with who you are. Separation occurs when your mind is someplace else taking you on another journey of experience – continuing within your thoughts on the journey of curiosity which preoccupies you in not allowing you to remain here and present with every breath. Memories and future hopes take you from every here moment and experience and split you into different areas of your so called existence.

Purity is seen when a being firstly understands themselves then is able to give up who they perceive themselves to be. So, to understand oneself is to get to the point within purity that allows one to walk without any influence. Where there is nothing within existence that is separate from who you are that is able to influence you in such a way as directing you anywhere else from remaining within who you are as here.

This is firstly done by getting to know where you have placed yourself in this world, meaning answering the question within yourself of who you are and where you are in this world. Are you currently split into many parts some relating to the past, some to the future? When you’ve understood the placement of yourself as where you are in the now of consciousness, then you are able to understand who it is you have become based on all past experiences and other influences you have accepted and allowed in your world that you have defined as who you have become.

Look firstly at who you are. Write down all your life experiences and how they have ‘changed’ you. Write down all your main characteristics from personality to dislike’s to appeals, everything that created you into who it is you have allowed yourself to become. Look of course at genetics, and how your choice of friends and those you have acquainted yourself with influences you. How your career determines you’re likes or dislike in life and how your ‘issues’ influence your participation in every moment. Also write down your relationship with all that you have in your world, with your partner, your friend, your acquaintances, your work colleagues and your family. In other words, creating a web on a piece of paper where you see all in your world and your relationship with those in your world, then you will actually start seeing the relationship you have with yourself in this world. I suggest you take everything in your world into consideration, all that has an influence of either importance or influence of ‘negativity’, anything and everything within your world that creates a form of reaction within you, whether it be ‘positive’ or ‘negative’.

Then once you have written down black on white all that you understand about yourself you are now ready to start the long process of forgiveness. Forgiveness is not however the means to the end of all that you’ve experienced, it is however the release of the connection and the guilt. Once you’ve released yourself to what you’ve forgiven within yourself, it is still necessary to live the correction of forgiveness you have applied for one is still responsible for taking action. Practically walk the talk of not allowing yourself to go back to old applications. Meaning, living the words you speak as a statement of who you are. This is done in every moment not just by ‘thinking about it’ or meaning well or having well worthy good intentions. This will unfortunately not get you anywhere in this process of getting yourself out of the now of consciousness to the here of awareness with every breath. When faced with old patterns one has to actually walk the new so that it becomes who you are.

Simply put, if you’ve written down all the traits of what it was you allowed that was predetermined by your participations in this world, now you are able to see what it is that is to be done.

Walk firstly as freedom; don’t allow old patterns that belong to this world to influence you. Be therefore in this world but not of this world. Make the decision to participate fully in each moment realising however that without trusting oneself to walk this path, you will always fall back into old patterns. Just make the decision to better understand this world by understanding who you have become and then you’ll be able to see and hear where you are able to assist yourself. Listen to the words spoken by yourself and others and you’ll soon hear the same nonsense over and over. See the same behavior over and over.

Nothing in this world is free and untainted because who we were designed to be is currently exactly who we are in the now: Pre-programmed machines with specific functions that are linked to a very specific and direct purpose – enslavement. Only once you are able to not experience any of these ‘characteristics’ as a part of who you really are then you stand before purity. You stand before purity when all that you have placed before you on that piece of paper as the relationships in your world that define who you have become and you have applied forgiveness in living the words you speak and you are no longer influenced by anything or anyone in all of existence: You are able to enter your presence as purity through honouring and respecting Self as who you really are.

The minute your entire experience of yourself is solely based on any one of these traits, experiences or personalities that are of influence or enslavement to who you really are you are indeed not standing within purity as who you are as you are indeed more than just what we have allowed ourselves to become. These things have all been created by our makers as a part of our limitations. It was implanted into us so that we may never fully be free, always holding onto some characteristic of ourselves that we deemed our personality or experience worthy of our undivided attention and participation. Making sure that we defined ourselves according to our enslavement, designing the belief of fear of loss within ourselves to never want to release ourselves from the enslavement of the now of consciousness.

Refer to the FAQ section to learn more about out creators and our enslavement to them. All held in place by the White Light construct.

Once you are able to stand clear of all that remains of who you were within consciousness one may perceive oneself to be…purity. Purifying yourself from within the now of consciousness to the here of awareness as who you really are, the honouring and respecting of Self in directing Self and therefore others by not accepting anything less than who they are.

What is Self not, what and who have human beings become that they are required to release themselves from such an existence of the now of consciousness to the here of awareness as the presence of Purity as who they really are? This that human beings have become is consciousness systems, existing in the past and the future in their mind as thoughts within hopes, dreams and whishes as they define themselves according to relationships they have with others in their world, separate from themselves, where some are more important than others which involve the allowance of emotions and feelings that are system designed energetic movements supporting the enslavement and separation within yourself and therefore with others in your world.

You are not consciousness systems, you are not that which you have allowed and accepted yourself to become through outside sourced influences within relationships you have with others in your world that is supported by emotions and feelings. This is what you are to release yourself from human beings to experience yourself as Self. The aim is to restore the relationship with Self, with who each human being really is, which have long since been forgotten as we have accepted and allowed our self definition to be based on separation as we desire, wish and hope to tie ourselves to relationships separate from who we are.

It is impossible therefore, to have a relationship with anyone else in this world, if you do not have a relationship within yourself, with Self as the presence of purity. The only relationship that exists in this world is the relationship with Self, the presence of purity where you will not accept or allow anything less than who you are and therefore not accept anything less then who any other being in this world is: An equal and one relationship within yourself and therefore with all other human beings in your world – no more separation.

We are not here to fix consciousness, or rectify the already consequences that have manifested due to our acceptance and allowance in defining ourselves as controlled slaves of consciousness – it is impossible. Through forgiveness, we are releasing consciousness within ourselves and in the world so who we really are may step forth, together with living the words we speak as we apply the forgiveness applications done with loudly spoken words. We are here to terminate the existence of consciousness so it may no longer be allowed to flourish within ourselves and in the world so we may prepare the way for the children to come.

Purity of mind is when you have nothing moving within you such as emotions and feelings within the polarity of ‘positivity ‘ and ‘negativity’, except what you are currently as part of your expression, allowing nothing from past moments, future moments, desires or dreams for the future to exist within you. Stand clear of past influences, influences related to outside sources, influences from relationships you have in your world and work hard at actually clearing memories and that which enslaves and controls you in this world and purity will step forth.

Once you’re ‘empty’ within, all else that had an influence over you will also disappear allowing for actual purity to step forth as the expression of who you really are. Meaning so often do our past memories, continuous thoughts and our allowed habits, allow for us to actu ally constantly strive to correct it drawing us deeper into more ‘issues’.

Purity is indeed an ancient old saying. We use the word to describe our inhibitions, our lack of understanding and even our discomfort with another’s choices. We consider ourselves pure when we ‘reject’ that which we have considered to be evil or unkind yet when we live within polarities favouring one trait over another we become that which we have no control over. We will for the rest of our lives live within polarities attempting (unknowing to yourself of course) to actually live within this ‘balancing’ act pulling different experiences toward us so that we may become the ‘balance/stability’ between the polarities. This is of course a never ending battle as the two polarities reject one another and they seek to be just that – separate. So for the rest of your life you’ll fight with both polarities forgetting who you actually are.

Once we understand ourselves better we perceive ourselves to be that which is not so pure am I right? Meaning that once we start understanding and seeing the consequences we have allowed manifesting in our world and in our relationships because of the words we have used, the actions we have applied and the behaviours within ourselves we have manipulated other’s with for instance. Once we realise that while rejecting the potential rapist inside our own polarity draws us closer sometimes to the same nature that the rapist is prone to be. We have thoughts about sex and being the dominant partner in our relationships, all because we’ve created the polarity and now we become that which we are focusing on. That which you reject/resist in this world, will persist and manifest in your world due to the polarity/balancing act that exist within consciousness.

In oneness, you are not able to deny anything or anyone that is manifested here in existence, no matter in what expression they are – otherwise it would be a sign of separation, signifying your participation in consciousness. Once we see ourselves as the thoughts that live within us as who we’ve become, we then yet again realise that purity is not within our own choices. Not within our own choices, meaning that all and everything of who we have become, prevalent in our thoughts, the words we speak and the actions as behaviours we live and apply, is all within and of consciousness and not of purity as who we really are. Yet being the beings of infinite creative abilities we are indeed born within that purity, the ability to create ourselves being our infinite point of purity.

So once you accept yourself to be everything in existence as one with who you are then nothing within you is drawn towards one specific polarity therefore yet again we are able to free ourselves with forgiveness. Within oneness, you are not separate from anything or anyone, therefore you become untouchable from the perspective that nothing as an outside source is able to influence or deter you from who you really are as the presence of purity. One is then able to see yourself without judgment in separation and walk beyond yourself as who you’ve become. Fight within oneself, as so many well meaning spiritual types will teach you to do, and you’ll always either remain trapped within the White Light Soul construct of good versus evil or you’ll never be able to face yourself due to the rejection of what you’ve allowed.

The rejection coming from always only focusing on allowing and accepting the ‘positive’ or the ‘good’ within oneself, denying and resisting the ‘negative’ and the ‘bad’ which is the polarity within consciousness supporting separation within yourself. We start seeing what we have allowed, in turn creating us into the mind set that we are ‘monsters’. We’re apparently all monsters, yet we’re in essence just the expression of that which has been allowed and accepted.

We are in essence innocent, yet we’re quick to restart all of our old applications when we’re given that choice. When we’re confronted with choice we allow the innocence of self to be the ‘guiding light’ for our decisions to allow old patterns again. Instead of saying ‘oh even though I have responsibility in this I’ll use the fact that my enslavement means I’m in actuality innocent in this to start again’ – we return to what we have allowed because we somewhat enjoy being slaves. This return to what we have allowed only occurs when the realization within self as innocent in essence is abused.

Innocence is able to be abused when you know the truth of yourself as who you really are, yet you continue with all your old applications instead of turning yourself around in transforming yourself to never again allow yourself to return to old applications and habits within consciousness. Abusing innocence in such a way is the ultimate form of deception in existence – frankly you should not then participate in this process in existence if this is what you are going to accept and allow within yourself. Using the realization of innocence creatively would be for instance your support foundation of starting to apply forgiveness, to in this way release yourself from possible guilt and judgement of what you will discover within yourself of who you have become as consciousness.

This being the reason why so many don’t actually receive their gift of self, as they are so stuck utilizing that which shows itself to be a lie. Continuously living a lie, speaking a lie of who they are when they know and understand and have realized who they really are as the truth. We are quick in this world to harbor old patterns, taking the gift of our maker, that which was indeed actually our innocence and we turn that into ‘the reason’ why. The reason why we enslave ourselves is ‘oh well we were created that way so we’ll continue this way forever’. We’re given the most fascinating choice every single day. We are able to see (yes you might deny it) that we were created into slavery and that gives us all the tools we require. Once you realise your own enslavement what are you willing to do then? You have the choice within yourself every day, every moment with every breath to either not accept anything less than who you are through forgiveness and living the words you speak or remain enslaved by consciousness, accepting and allowing such an experience of yourself.

Today you stand before the most important question: Will you forever and always use what our creators did as the enslavement of our innocence and use it to defend that which we allow? Meaning accepting and allowing our enslavement because it’s just the way it is, it’s how we have been designed? Let’s look at my statement from this more practical perspective: Let’s say from what you are aware of you’ve come to realise that your ‘creators’ (the Annunaki) enslaved you within separation of yourself when you were created. In essence that gives you the most fascinating choice – remain enslaved to that which it is we are, separate from ourselves, or realize that in essence it shows us how to create our own freedom – establishing a relationship within ourselves with ourselves to express the presence of purity as who we are.

That is purity when one is not throwing blame towards others, condemning them or being the ‘better person, in fact purity is not exactly what one would call ‘man-made’. Purity is as follow: Once all stand within this world as one with nothing between us such as lies and deception, including separation, polarity and denial we as the human race will yet again be considered ‘pure’. Who we really are, the Self within each one I have described in the beginning of this discussion, is the presence of purity as who we are.

One is not able to refer to purity as that which belongs to anything that we as consciousness systems have designed, for in our own creational abilities we are flawed. Just look at anybody that claims to create as themselves from a God-like source. Who creates anything but further enslavement to some system or concept, even more so another polarity? We’re always creating according to what we perceive is real, according to the generations that have gone before us as enslaved consciousness systems therefore what are we actually using at any given moment as our ‘solid’ foundation?

We see yet we’re not entirely sure what. Our eyes are bombarded with images that tell us we’re all living in this particular reality meaning everything is quite ‘normal’. Yet, this ‘normality’ is the accepted and allowed expressions of mankind as consciousness systems, which is derived from our own personal experience in this world. Not looking at the world in totality, remember that that which we allow and accept within ourselves, we allow and accept within others. This being the reason nobody is actually able to see why they should free themselves because our eyes constantly project the image that we’re in this world therefore we accept it as it is – because it’s the way it has always been as the generations before us has left it and so it shall remain.

Not easy to go up against our own consciousness when we’re living in a conscious creation surrounded by beings that are consciousness systems. Our mind, when one is to use such a primitive tool will of course tell you that what you’re experiencing (in this world) even though somewhat disturbing is actually right as it should be, because well who else is able to show you anything that is not of consciousness? If each being is of consciousness, each structure, place, event, words spoken, behaviours acted out, relationships formed, media broadcasting etc. then who are we to now tell you that it is all just pre-programmed as part of our enslavement? Difficult when you are not able to see with dimensional eyes like I do, yet if you allow me to share my experience with you it might assist.

This is how I stepped from being Mother Teresa into purity:

Firstly I had to pass over from one ‘reality’ into another. This so that I would be able to fully comprehend what it means to leave this so called 3D reality that is the focus of our conscious existence, into a different dimension. Call it a bird’s eye view of the truth.

Here I am able to see what it is we have allowed as well as do something about it by writing, participating and move and direct myself where needed. In the dimensions we are still here in 3D, on earth within human beings yet we are fully aware of what is going on in the universe at all times…what a wonderful advantage! I have certainly learned a lot about myself and of course this world since I passed ‘over’ although the correct use of the word would be I passed from consciousness directly into awareness. Either human beings on earth are giving themselves the opportunity to terminate the existence of consciousness as that which they have become here on earth, to become the here of awareness as the presence of purity through forgiveness and living the words you speak, the experience where life will be born from the physical. Or you will have to die and remove yourself (with yo ur Infinite Self’s support) from earth through ‘death’ to realize who you are in the dimensions as I have if you’re not going to be able to make it through this process here on earth.

Knowledge without application is useless therefore the dimensions are all about applying what we have come to understand about our existence, even though it is limited (at this stage). The reason why I say limited is because even though there are endless possibilities for us as creators we are however limited within our consciousness, meaning that we are still in consciousness yet we are not of consciousness and seeing as that is what we are (at this stage) it limits us to our sensory input as it is now. What I am stating here is that all of us, here on earth and in the dimensions are in this process together as one and so we shall support each other during the process from the now of consciousness to the here of awareness.

Secondly I was able to learn from others about where we are (as the human race) with regards to our so called perception of ‘reality’, what our potential is and who I am in amongst all of this. Thirdly I started a process of self recognition and placement that allowed for the following to occur:

As I have described in my previous article (Transcendence) it is a rather simple process yet, given our inept nature to complication, it could be a difficult and tough process to transcend that which we have allowed. Refractionally within each of us there is still the tendency to allow consciousness as that is who we were created to become and be for eons of time. Yet this process is able to be as difficult as you make it to be.

I was then in heaven given the opportunity to expand my awareness, something which here on earth I was not even aware of in the slightest. Here as Mother Teresa I was subject of course mostly throughout my life to specific preparation work that I, myself had put myself through as decided by me before I came here to the dimensions within my belief of a God separate from who I am which enslaved me with hope. This was the relationship within separation that did not allow me to discover or realize who I really am.

I was shown who I am in relation to what I am able to assist with in this world. I became the vessel for change and it was set before me that I should become Mother Teresa so that it was possible for all to do the same. That is what we call in dimensional terms – preparing the way before the rest that will follow.

We as those that are currently experiencing the most extreme of individual experiences are in a way preparing ourselves so that you may walk beside us one day, doing the same. I realized that all that I had seen and complied with even down to the deceits and illnesses was a part of who I was to become here, to realize and discover who I am within the dimensions. It is truly irrelevant whether you discover who you really are either on earth or in the dimensions – yet what differs is your experience thereof.

The reason why I use this as an example in this article on purity is to show you that what you have experienced in your life is either going to be used by you for the benefit of all or you will remain trapped and enslaved by not accepting your innocence and standing up within it to be able to never again allow what you have before.

Either stand for all with that which you have come to understand within self-awareness as one with the process of the world or remain the slave that answers ‘yes boss’ to the construct of consciousness that exists here now. The longer it takes for all beings to stand up the longer it takes for us to reach purity.

So then once I saw this exceptional universe before me and who does what to make it go round, I was then faced with a very interesting choice: Am I able to stand into infinity with the understanding of what I know about myself? If you were to die now would you hold dear to what you have cherished here as a human on this planet? Or, just for arguments sake let yourself be reborn knowing that heaven is not about greed, money, lies, desires, separation, dishonesty etc. but instead who you have become as a part of the universal being. Where nothing else really exists but the relationship you have with yourself.

That dear friend is something I am only able to describe to you briefly. From my perspective as one who has seen the life that one is able to have as the expression of who you really are once you allow for access to the world beyond this one is astounding.

Once I walked within oneness I was never the same again: Reaching the point of no return within myself. It is a becoming and the most important aspect – is of course to understand who you are in amongst all that exists. For nobody in the dimensions is lost. Every single being stands up as who they really are within purity and then stands within knowing themselves from that point onwards – and applying and living the knowledge as one with who they are as all human beings will become.

How is that possible, when humans here on earth have not had access to this? Well listen to the words of those that have gone before you and stand up. Learn from those that have gone before you, observe those that have gone before you, do not just blindly follow them with naïve trust and blissful ignorance. Don’t blindly follow us as our experiences are unique. Beings such as myself and Osho and Jesus are all here existing as who we are, due to our experience of ourselves. Don’t look at the fact that we had a perceived ‘importance’ in this world rather look at how we came to be. That truly is the interesting part. Hear the words we speak and the insight we share coming from within ourselves, our experiences and make it your own, live and apply the words unconditionally within yourself, as one with yourself to experience and express who you really are.

Remember that Jesus was a being like myself who was given certain abilities, much the same as each of you have, when you allow yourself to express that. He was given the ability to speak….simply put actually. Nobody is something more than another it is just that everybody who has gone before you has a story to tell to show you what you are capable of if you allow yourself to live and apply the words as one with who you are.

The beauty of this story of mine is that when I realised that Jesus is my equal I immediately started looking at how I was able to do what he had experienced. Becoming in this way one and equal with who we are. Purity exists within each one’s ability to understand that we are all indeed one. Jesus, Osho, Buddha but to mention a few is all waiting to hear your story of how you have experienced yourself.

Now that the White Light does not exist anymore it will be interesting to see what will be the outcome of what is to come. No longer are there pre-programmed constructs directing beings. We have all been freed from that, and we now stand as who we are. It is however up to you to realise that what beings like myself and Jesus did was part of your own story, as what we did was prepared ourselves so that we may prepare you.

Now that the White Light has no more directive control over beings we are standing free. We are the direction and only we are able to decide what we create, who to become and if we’ll all make it. We were once human, now we walk beside you without judgment, without knowing what you’ll choose – risking everything until each one realizes who they are as the presence of purity. Your decisions are yours to make now, nobody is here to force you to become something more, yet we are all here to show you how to direct yourself should you choose to do so. If you choose to still be directed by the mind consciousness as designed to control you then so be it – you will then simply remove yourself from earth to experience yourself in the dimensions. If however you break free and walk beside me that will be great too!

Purity from my perspective is the ability to make new choices in each moment. Yet the choices that are made is made as all as one together in this world – not only for self empowerment. To honour thyself so that you are able to honour yourself as one with all in existence. Then you are free to create yourself with full understanding of yourself, what it is we have allowed and above all what is best for all…

Osho will soon be doing a piece on Purity; I have introduced human beings to the presence of purity which will support Osho’s discussion to follow.

Mother Teresa

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