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How I created my Meditation Experience – Day 237

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Is Meditation the Key to Enlightenment?


Life Review - The Buddha ExperienceI forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to judge meditation within a negative emotional charge, not seeing, realizing and understanding that I’ve actually judged myself for the things that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to participate in my past, the things that I now see, realize and understand that had only benefited me within my own self interest delusional mind and through judging Meditation I distracted myself from facing the Practical correction because, so long as I judge, I still allowing my mind to be the directive principle instead of utilizing the Principle: Investigate all points and keep that which is best for all. Within that context, Breathing exercise as a self support tool can and should be utilized within a clear and directive starting point in assisting and supporting oneself to Bring oneself back to one’s own physical body, where one could, in breath, assess, check and investigate oneself until eventually, Breathing becomes one’s Directive Principle in any given moment.


I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to associate and connect Breathing with Meditation and since I’ve Judged meditation as wrong, I sabotaged and compromised myself in not gifting myself the opportunity to assist and support myself in any given moment, to simply Breathe, Be here, within and as my human physical body in alignment to the Movement that Life is.


I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to spiritualize Breathing and within that create an Experiences that would be aligned with the Spiritual Programs that I’ve created within and as myself. Within this, I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to fear having Spiritual Experiences as it indicate that I accepted and allowed my mind to take over the moment. In this, I forgive myself that I’ve not accepted and allowed myself to realize that it is useless to try and suppress that which exists within and as me and rather, if a Spiritual experience emerge from within and as me, it is cool, because then, I’m able to assist and support myself to release myself from the entity that I’ve created within and as myself through going to the draw board to investigate what I’ve not seen and sorted out within and as myself and accordingly, take self responsibility and correct the point within and as myself.


I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to define myself as inadequate when and as a Spiritual Experience emerge from within and as me, as if I have done something terribly wrong, not seeing, realizing and understanding that I should simply see it as it is, another window of opportunity to sort out that which was already existent within and as me. In this, I forgive myself that I’ve NOT accepted and allowed myself to realize that if I react to the Spiritual Program that I’ve inserted and program myself, I create another experience, another entity and thus, only prolong my process instead of Quantified my process in walking through each and every point that reveal itself here, stand in stability and in self trust that I have all that I require for, to assist and support me to step out of mind experience and step into the Physical reality as an Expression of myself.


I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to NOT realize that I’ve judged the Spiritual Experience that I had created within and as myself, because I’ve defined myself as More than a spiritual person, utilizing the Knowledge and information that I have, to justify for myself, why I am MORE than another. Within this, I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to want, need and desire to define myself as MORE than a spiritual person and within that suppress that which I’ve program myself to exists as, while I was myself a spiritual person, not seeing, realizing and understanding that the Program still exists within and as me, till I, as the directive principle, take the responsibility and release myself from the systems and programs that I’ve inserted and stored within and as myself with practical Self Forgiveness Process, in taking self responsibility for my own acceptance and allowances and change myself, immediately, within and as Breath. 


I commit myself to assist and support myself in practicing my Breathing application as a directive principle through which I expand my application to align with the movement that Life exists within and as till in every step, in every moment, I am Here, in and as Breath.


I commit myself to assist and support myself to – when and as a Spiritual Experience is emerging from within and as me, to Stop, to Breathe and to see where I’m not aligned and clear within and as myself and in that, to investigate the source/core/origin of the Experience and accordingly, to take Self Responsibility and, correct my physical living application and change.


I commit myself to STOP the internal and external friction and conflict within and as myself, within the context of Spirituality as I now see, realize and understand that I have a process to walk, in writing, regarding my self definition and relationship with Spirituality as points opened up within this blog that I must take responsibility for and direct and accordingly correct within and as myself.

Spirituality – ‘Love and Light’ is a Drug Addiction – Day 43


* this post is a continuation to:

Spirituality – The Bigger Plan – Day 40

Spirituality – the Message – Day 41

Spirituality – Following Gurus and Spiritual Masters – Day 42

Conversation with the Mind as God

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to believe that ‘Love and Light’is the solution that will bring about a peace on earth and I have refused to see that real Love is an act that can be measured only through a physical consequences wherein at the moment, the world exists as pure evil as we allow the majority of this world to daily suffer and be abused and the Establishment of an Equal Money System is the measurement for the act of LOVE where we gather together as humanity and stand up for LIFE where we implement an Equal LIFE System so that ALL could have a dignified, meaningful and fulfilling LIFE.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to focus on my individual happiness through the belief in ‘Love and Light’ and I have failed to see that the world is quite Hateful and Dark place for the majority of this world.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to refuse to see the relationship between Money and ‘Love and Light’ wherein only those who have Money and access to the Earth’s recourses can practice the energy elevation of ‘Love and Light’ while the Majority of this world lives in horrific conditions.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to have failed to add 1+1 together and thus see that ‘Love and Light’ is not the solution that will bring about a world that is best for all because this world is a manifested physical world and a solution thus, must be a manifested physical solution; the solution is first to acknowledge the source of the Problem which is the Energy participation in our mind as within, and the Money system as Energy as Without and thus, take responsibility both as within and without – Stopping ourselves as the energy creation of and as the mind and change ourselves to a physical expression in living application as well as changing the world system of Money to a world system of Equality through the Equal Money Systemas the building block for a manifestation of a real and substantial change to a physical world of and as Equality and Oneness in it’s absolute expression.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to refuse to see that Energy of ‘Love and Light’ is a gateway from really changing who and what I have become as an energy that consume my human physical bodyas well as what I have accepted and allowed this world to become as Money/Energy that consume the Earth’s resources and I haven’t allowed myself to realize that if we continue blindly follow the Energy path as within so without, we will consumed ourselves and this world until nothing of this physicality will remain along with ourselves as the energy mind that we’ve defined ourselves as.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to have refused to see that I’m addicted to Energy and without the Good and Positive energyI feel lost and I have not even seen that ‘lostness’ is the Negative Energy within the Law of balance where if I exists as Energy instead of a physical living expression, I will continually bounce from the good to the negative energy wherein for example: my back chat in the nature of gossiping/judging other people reflects the Negative Energy and the ‘Love and Light’ Positive affirmation reflect the Positive Energy.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to have refused to see that the ‘Love and Light’ energy experience is equal to and one to a ‘high’ from consuming drugs and I haven’t realized that the ‘High’ that I experienced was a deliberate self deception so that I won’t have to feel Existence and the pain existence is going through as well as not having to feel the pain that I’m causing to my human physical bodyin absolute separation from myself as myself as my human physical body.

I commit myself to Walk the ultimate expression of LOVE within the principle of Love thy neighbour as thyself where the physical outflows will be the measurement of my action and so, making sure that the effect is equal to the cause because it is not, the cause wasn’t clear, direct and in absolute self honesty.

I commit myself to do what ever it necessary to be done for ALL to be able to experience a full and happy life through taking a way the fear of survival due to our dysfunctional World System and making sure that ALL will have Equal access to the Earth’s recourses, Education and Health through the establishment of an Equal Life/Money System

I commit myself to show and reveal the relationship between Money and the “love and Light” movement through writing. (For example: Conversation with the Mind as God)

I commit myself to show the relationship between the Energy as the mind as within, and the Money as world system as without and to prove that the only change that is valid and can have a substantial measurable effect is a physical change of ourselves as individual and the world system (through the Equal Money System)

I commit myself to stop destroying my body with the consumption of the physical through Energyand I commit myself to stop the destruction the physical reality through the consumption of the Earth’s resources due to the dysfunctional Money System that we are currently existing within and as

I commit myself to stop the Energy addiction, both to the Positive and the Negative and direct myself within a breath by breath process of stopping each and every pattern as this is the only point I can be sure that I’m aware, attentive and Present.

I commit myself to stop the ‘Love and Light’ drug addiction and to reveal that Energy has the same effect of as drugs to one’s mind and body and thus, develop detoxified programs to assist many with their process of stopping the addiction of Spiritual energy and becoming physical living expression in a breath by breath application.

Spirituality – the Message – Day 41



I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to give value to the messages coming through beings and I haven’t considered and questioned why is it that the messages are never clear and direct as well as why the messages are not in the context of presenting a solution for the world problems but only focus on Self Interested message of Love and Light where the physical evidence shows quite clearly that there is no Light and Love for the Majority of this world because Love and Light has a direct relationship with Money which 3.3 Billion people in this world don’t have.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to blindly follow the channelled messages that came from the afterlife because the message was always something I enjoyed listening to as I was praised and validated as a magnificent special soul that I apparently am and though feeding of my Ego with energy, I refused to question and consider the validity of those messages in terms of the principle of Equality and Oneness in it’s absolute expression of the words, within the realization that it is not only me in this world, it is me as part of the relationships that created this world and that Equality and Oneness in practical application imply that ALL required to be cared for, all required to have a magnificent and dignified Life and not only me as a self interest ego personality that does nothing practical to bring about a world that is best for ALL.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to desire to channel some higher being because I defined channellers as special and divine but when I practice the skill to channel and nothing came through, I accessed frustration because apparently, I was not as divine as I would imagine myself to be and so, I started to force the messages even though I knew that it was my mind who is giving me the messages and there is nothing divine in my mind because in self honesty, if one look within one’s mind at the back chat and one’s secret mind, one will find very easily that the nature of one’s thought is mostly based on judgment, spitefulness, competition, jealousy and so on.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to trust my mind as the entity that I’m channelling with and I have never considered to cross reference the information, to develop critical thinking with regards to the authenticity of the message as well as investigate the starting point of the messages because if I would, I would immediately see in clarity that the messages are contained with Evilness as it only address that which people would like to hear to feed of their ego personality design and remain control and enslaved to their mind without ever being able to step out and literally stand up for that which is best for all.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to blindly follow those who claim to be psychics and chanellers because I’ve defined them as divine and even though I’ve seen their day to day application that consisted of and existed as reactions, self interest, manipulations and Greed, I’ve closed my eyes from those component because I didn’t want to challenge my belief because who will I be when I take the belief away? Nothing! And I didn’t want to be nothing because I didn’t understand what nothingness is in fact how only from nothingness, a creation that is best for all can be created.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to fear giving up the belief of having people with a direct connection to the after life because I have gave so much value to the after life beings, as if they are all knowing and powerful and I haven’t considered that if it was true, they would have done something to assist and support this world and wouldn’t accept this world to manifest as it is.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to give value to channelling instead of focusing on the Physical Reality and walk towards a solution that is best for all physical lives because I’ve defined myself as powerless in comparison to the afterlife without realizing that it is all in reverse and that the physical is the Power and the Key to change this world and I, as a physical human being can stand up and be a part of a physical movement of practically change myself and this world.

I forgive myself that I’ve NOT accepted and allowed myself to see that there is no visible solution that is coming from the afterlife because if there was, the messages would be direct, clear and based on practical common sense; it would have been a practical assistance and support for human kind; it would have been a practical assistance and support for beings to realize who and what they have become from generation after generation of self interest programmed design; it would have been a common sense approach with a practical application so that we could finally realize who we are as the mind and transform ourselves to a physical beings that walk in every moment according to a basic principle of Equality and Oneness as What is best for all.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to spend a huge amount of money for receiving different kind messages from the after life with regards to my Life as well as my past lives and I haven’t seen that if such messages were of any kind of a real and substantial support, the being who delivers the message would have done what ever it takes to make sure that everyone has a free access to the message and not only those with Money and would have come up with a solution such as Equal Money System within the starting point that once the Equal Money System will be in place, all beings on earth will have access to a process of realignment of who they are as their mind to who they are as a physical human being.

I forgive myself that I’ve NOT accepted and allowed myself to see the relationship between Money and Channelled messages and that the only way those channels can exists is if someone would pay for it and I forgive myself that I’ve NOT accepted and allowed myself to see that to sustain the returning paying clients that comes to receive more messages from the after life, the channeller must give them a positive and good message to make sure they will come back to feed their Ego with Energy.

I forgive myself that I’ve NOT accepted and allowed myself to realize that I’m being occupied within my mind with multiple kind and versions of messages that I received from the after life and within that very preoccupation, I’m allowing myself to remain enslaved and control to my mind as thoughts, emotions, feelings and reactions and I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to give value to those messages as knowledge and information to feed up my curiosity and I haven’t considered that Knowledge and information is useless if it doesn’t follow with a practical application for a real self change because if knowledge and information would be of any value in this world, the world would have been already changed.

I forgive myself that I’ve NEVER accepted and allowed myself to inquire and question the being that comes through to give a message through a channeller, why is it that their message is in no way a message of Equality and Oneness so that the being can help me understand why people are suffering in a world of plenty and so, I would be able to practically do something to change this world and the experience of being in this world that are daily suffering.

I commit myself to show the relationship between Money and Spirituality and to prove that the only way spirituality can exists is through having people paying for their beliefs.

I commit myself to educate and show that spirituality is just another religion that like all other religion, is based on Money, Control and thus require extensive brainwashing to sustain itself.

I commit myself to show that if there was any truth to the channelled messages, they would have been direct, clear and with a practical solution in terms of how to assist and support oneself and this world as a whole, to bring about a world that is physically best for all.

I commit myself to develop a critical thinking educational programs so that people can stop blindly follow words that are being spoken by those who deliberately manipulate the words so that everyone could develop inner self trust trough common sense approach within the principle of what is best for all after they have done proper research, investigation and walked practical self application and so, become an effective individual human being that express, direct and move oneself within a breath by breath physical and living application.

I commit myself to show that there is nothing divine in our mind and that the mind is in fact Evil manifestation that we have accepted and allowed ourselves to exists within and as and so, to show that the manifested world is a direct reflection to our Evil mind because we were the ones who have blindly created this world through our acceptance and allowance without never standing up for real and take the responsibility, as Life, to bring about a world that is worthwhile and worth living.

Spirituality – The Bigger Plan – Day 40



I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself as a light worker to believe and hope for a better future without me having to do anything about it but sitting on my ass, meditate and pray for Love and Light, despite of the physical evidence that even though the number of light worker increase over the years, the atrocities is worsening.

I forgive myself that I’ve NOT accepted and allowed myself as a light worker to question the relationship between the increasing amount of light worker participants and the elevation of the world catastrophes and within that, I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to justify and validate the world worsening condition with the statement: “it is part of a bigger plan” and within that, I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to have refused to see that the only way I’m able to speak such a statement is because I have money to support me and my life and I’m not starving to death like the majority of this world.

I forgive myself that I’ve NOT accepted and allowed myself as a light worker to see that by sitting on my ass and meditate within the belief that I’m doing something good in this world through raising the positive energies, I’m feeding my Ego personality through defining myself as a good and positive person but I have refused to see that by that very accepted and allowed behaviour, I’m in fact evil in my nature because I accept the belief of: “the world atrocity is part of a bigger plan, there is no need for me to actually stand up and practically/physically work towards a solution and change that is substantial in this world”

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself as a light worker to make excuses and justification for why people are being abused in this world through stating that: ” it’s their lesson to learn, they have chosen this life, they are paying for their past lives sins, it’s part of the bigger plan, I was also going through this lesson in my past lives” and within that, I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself to spite those who are suffering in this world because I believed they had to experience the absolute suffer in this physical world as part of their ascension process and I have never questioned, cross referenced and truly investigate the belief because I didn’t really care for them as long as my life is protected and safe.

I forgive myself that I’ve NOT accepted and allowed myself to walk the living expression of the words “Equality and Oneness” but rather, used and misused those words to higher up the good and positive energy within me in separation of me as a physical being because if I would have lived the physical expression of the words: “Equality and Oneness” I would do what ever is necessarily to be done so that All as One as Equals will have a dignified life on Earth, that the earth resources would distribute Equally, that no one will ever have to survive again, that everyone will have equal access to re-educate and apply themselves and practically change their very beingness, in every breath according to that which is best for all.

I forgive myself that I’ve accepted and allowed myself as a light worker, to believe that there is a “bigger plan” for the atrocities of this world without me ever questioning the nature of the “bigger plan” and see in self honesty that the “bigger plan” is in fact an Evil plan – a plan that was designed to keep people enslaved to their mind as within, and to Money as without so that only a select few could experience a life of abundance.

I forgive myself that I’ve NOT accepted and allowed myself to see that spirituality is based on knowledge and information that was misinterpreted and manipulated so that beings could remain enslaved to their mind, as energy and within that, wouldn’t stand up for a practical and substantial solution that is physically best for all LIFE.

I commit myself to show, expose and reveal the Evil ‘bigger plan’ that was designed to control and enslave beings in this world so that beings could wake up from their delusional self interest dream/perception of Life and practically stand up and do something in this world that is substantial and best for all.

I commit myself to show in common sense why and how spirituality has become the most evil religion in this world as it is based on Self interest experiences that can only exists within and as the mind and as nothing to do with the physical reality.

I commit myself to expose the various aspects of Spirituality that I’ve participated with as a light worker and to share common sense of how I’ve seen for myself that Spirituality is in no way the solution that will practically and physically bring about heaven on earth.

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2012 will make some gurus lots of money

Being a well known guru is an awesome job. You get to teach in various cool places around the world, all your expenses are taking care of, you come back to your nice and cozy home with a bonus of a nice paycheck, you get to brainwash your followers to sustain your monthly income and you get to have a passive income from selling your books and videos in multiple languages. What an awesome job! Wouldn’t everyone want it?

It is very beneficial for those who teach/preach about 2012 because you give your followers a day to wait for, a day to prove that your message is real, and close to the deadline, you change your prophecy to another 18 years so that you’ll capture your followers to support you for ever and ever and ever, until you die in wealth, taking nothing of you to your grave.

2012 supports many gurus/chanellers/healers in doing just that – making money out from the thin air, with no actual change that is visible in this world, a change that will make sure that all will have a dignified life, a warm bed and food on their table. And as we come close to this date, we see how the prophecy already altered and changed to 18 years from now as Kryon mentioned in his latest seminar that was done on December 2011.

So you see – the method doesn’t change, the consumerism of prophecies and prediction is a huge Market force where there will always be the ones that follow such prophecies and predictions because how can they not, when ‘hope’ and ‘love’ is promised to them and It’s right here, in the next corner, what does it matter if it’s this year or 18 years from now?

The gurus/chanellers/healers haven’t realized their responsibility and what the outflows of their action are. They haven’t realized that they could use the power that was given to them by the mess, to actually stand up and walk towards a solution that is best for all in practicality. But why should they do so when they have their followers giving them money and they live happily ever after in their inner peace? Do not give a fuck about humanity and justify it with the grand plan that God/white light has designed to get us to the point of oneness and equality while all along, God/white light is the fucker that is responsible for this abusive world. Which is funny actually because they call themselves enlightened beings that are walking in divinity when the matter of the fact is that they sustaining the separation that exists in this world. Irony or total ignorance?

So where am I going with this? 2012 is a consumerism thing and it is all about the money, so I dare you to wake the hell up, look at what is here and spend your money wisely. You do not need anyone to tell you that you are divine, a higher being, a magnificent soul. No. You need to take yourself seriously and support yourself in common sense, to see how you are responsible for yourself and your world, how you can practically change yourself and your world and how we can make sure that no one, ever, will suffer any longer and heaven on earth is Here, as a physical manifestation.

A question to assist and support you  – what does it make you feel when Gurus/chanellers/healers tells you that you are divine? Do you feel special? Do you feel good within yourself? if the answer is yes, I suggest to look in self honesty why and how you have separated yourself from yourself to such an extent that you need external forces to tell you how good you are, instead of walking in each breath in self trust, knowing who and what you are, knowing that you have the possibility to be the change of this reality by standing up and practically assist and support yourself to change through and as principles that are best for all. That is divinity, to see that a solution that is best for all is possible and you are the key. It will be totally ignorant if you won’t act on it and assist with changing this world.

Sitting around, hoping for magnificent forces to change you, isn’t divinity, that is stupidity. Because you have what it takes to change. We have proven that already, check out the Destonians’ time line of self transformation.

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2012 – The Excuses that Kryon started to share

“And now you are working the puzzle and moving through a shift that we promised would come, and it is here. Now, just think: When you reach the other side of 2012, you will have 18 more years to go where you are still in the energy of the Galactic Alignment. It’s a 36-year window and you’re not even halfway through it [speaking of the precession of the equinoxes].

Here’s what that means to Spirit: There’s an energy created in this alignment window that is absolutely special and will not occur again for 26,000 years. You have 18 more years to change this planet in this specific energy of manifestation, to plant the seeds. You’re already doing it. It’s already happening. At the end of the 18 years, I’ll give you a prophecy: The beginning of real peace on Earth in the Middle East.

You’re going to see ways of solving puzzles that you never saw before. In that amount of time, the youngsters, who are only teenagers now, will be leaders. They’ll be on their way up. They’ll be thinking about concepts you could not think of in an older energy. They will be solving puzzles that you said were unsolvable. There will be technology that is going to help the planet in ways you didn’t even dream could be. That’s the prophecy in 18 years, for I know the consciousness of those coming and I can see what the strongest potentials are of the planet at that time – all because old souls awakened and did their job. How do you feel about it?”

 And the excuses started.. We have another 18 years to really experience the change, another 18 years to be occupied in the delusion of ascension, another 18 years more to keep us enslaved to the idea of enlightenment without us practically do anything to physically change this world. Isn’t it wonderful?

 So what will it take to make people, commonsensically see that there is no actual solution that Kryon is sharing in his teaching, in terms of changing this world. He is placing hope into people and with that ‘Hope Design’ his followers are trapped in a belief system that what they are doing is enough and they don’t really need to do anything else to change themselves or this world.

 Why does he speak in codes? Why can’t he be direct and simply say – “look, this is how you’ve designed yourself, this is the consequences of your doing and this is how to practically correct/change you and your world”. Whyare the messages never direct and to the point but rather always abstract without any practical statements that can be applied and lived by all?

Why does Kryon message not considering all that is here and is only directed to the Elite, to those who can hear/read his message. We are the Elite, which are you and me, those who are able to blog and use the internet and read each other writings, those who can work and support themselves financially and support themselves with decent house and food. It is not directed to the other half of this world that are living under 2$ and per day, surviving each and every moment and fighting for their lives. No, it is only for those who are lucky enough to get born in the ‘right’ equation of the polarity.

So now, when the end of 2012 is almost here and we are so close to expose the deceptive message of enlightenment, excuses start coming up to make us believe that the prophesy is still true by saying it will take another 18 years. And in 18 years, we’ll see that the dates will change and alter again and again and again. Not ever realizing that the solution was always ‘HERE’ as the physical because we are so caught up in our mind that we can’t see how practical and simple the solution is, a solution that is best for all in all ways possible.

So a suggestion is to open your eyes, and ask yourself questions when you reading/hearing Kryon’s messages or any other Elitist chanellers. I’ve been there, I was one of Kryon’s followers for a few years and I know how it feels so good to feel Kryon’s Love within you when reading/hearing his messages or seeing the numbers 11:11. However, I’ve realized that I’ve created that feeling in separation of me as well as designing/programing myself to see those specific numbers and to feel that specific ‘ Energetic Love’. How do I know that I was my own creator of those experiences? Because I was able to stop those experiences once I’ve seen HOW and WHY I’ve programmed/designed myself to feel that system designed love and seeing those Numbers in total separation from myself and this world

I will share here how I was able to see, after few years of blindly follow Kryon’s messages, the in consistency in his message and the extent of separation in his words:

Few years back, on my first journey to India, I started to read lots of Kryon’s teaching. It was really intense for me and for another 2 years, I was really into it and was very interested in what he had to say. I thenof course, started to see more and more 11:11 and 22:22 wherein I believed that because I’m seeing those numbers consistently, I’m special and Kryon’s energy or presence is with me.

Few months after I finished reading the ‘Journey of the Soul’ by Michael Newton, and while I was learning to channel with my guides, I decided to stay the entire weekend at home and meditate. At that time, I was defined myself as a ‘healer’ and I even had my own home clinic where I ‘healed’ people so in other words, I was fully into the spiritualism and I was absolutely sure that Kryon is ‘here’ with me, assisting and supporting me in the healing process of others as well as assisting and supporting me in my enlightenment process.

In that weekend, while I was sitting and meditating and trying to communicate with Kryon directly, I suddenly realized that none of that make sense. The extent of separation, not only here on earth but also in the hereafter was extreme. In the ‘Journey of the Soul’, the enlightenment process in the hereafter was explained, and suddenly, while I wasn’t able to communicate with Kryon nor my guide, I had a moment where I saw how this entire spiritual process I attempt to walk didn’t make sense. I asked myself, how it was possible that when you cross over, you have to walk your enlightenment process if everything is ‘here’ in quantum time? (‘here’ in that context was when one is crossing over). How cruel it is to experience such abusive lives without being able to directly communicate with the ‘hereafter’ to practically guide you to change? And how is it possible that we do not remember our enlightenment process, enough to be able to actually walk the correction instead of repeating looping the same points life after life after life; or why is one so limited when crossing over in terms of not being able to communicate freely with everyone but only with your soul group. For better context of how come I was able to ask those questions, read the ‘Journey of the Soul’.

Since that moment of realization that everything that I know is based on separation, I started my process of looking for solutions that make sense in all possible aspects, which led me to Desteni almost 3 years ago. This time, I wasn’t allowing myself to go blindly after something but to actually ask myself questions, looking for inconsistency, to make sure I won’t fall into the same trap. Almost 3 years and I haven’t found any inconsistency, not even a bit. The message remains the same from day 1 when Desteni first went public on the internet.

You have to understand, when I started to question Kryon’s teaching, I was really really frustrated because I couldn’t believe that I fell into the trap of my own mind. For example, few months before this specific weekend where I began to open my eyes, I was worried about those that are not preparing themselves for 2012 in terms of what will happen to them in the dimensional shift at the end of 2012.

I was specifically looking at those who do not have the chance to even hear/read Kryon’s message and as such, can not prepare themselves for 2012. I’ve been told that it is part of the ‘big plan’ and beside, those are the people that are facing their negative Karma of their past lives.

The frustration that came out on that weekend was because I realized how deliberately I abused those people through calming myself down with the assumption that those people deserves to live in hell on earth due to their Karma in their past lives. I have allowed a statement such as “that’s ok, don’t worry about them, they are facing their shit and you are so special because you are an old soul that volunteered coming to earth to be part of the change”.

 Obviously, I didn’t have initially the Self Forgiveness tool to assist and support me to stop the frustration and actually walk a physical correction as well as working towards the establishment of Equal Money System to make sure all lives are being taken into consideration and all have a dignified life.

 I realized, it is pointless to be angry/mad/frustrated about what I’ve accepted and allowed as a spiritual person because there is no actual self change when allowing oneself to participate in such emotions. What is useful is to change myself, to stand as an example that practical change is possible and that a world that is best for all is the solution and as such, do what is necessary to be done to make it so.

 So, I ask you to take my words into consideration when hearing Kryon or any other spiritual being. I ask that you dare to challenge the words that are being spoken and investigate whether a practical solution is being presented, whether common sense is being shared and whether the message is considering all living beings as what is best for all.

 Investigate as well Desteni, and check it for yourself, I dare you to challenge the Desteni message so that you’ll see that consistency is the key, the physical is the key and that we are the solution to practically change the world.



2012 – The Process – Kryon Channelling – 4th of Dec 2011 – Laguna Hills, California

I was listening to the Kryon Channeling that was conducted on the 4th of December 2011 on Laguna Hills, California and within this Blog, I will discuss a specific point with regards to Surviving.

Kryon suggestion to step out of survival:

“Step one: Get out of survival! “How do I do that, Kryon?” Consider this: “Dear Spirit, I wish to soften my consciousness. When those who would insult me are trying to push my emotional anger buttons, I don’t want the buttons to work anymore. I want to disengage them. I don’t want to react anymore. I want to sit in peace. That is getting out of survival. I am safe in the arms of God – totally and completely safe.”

Well, let’s say you are able to stop your emotional reactions and get out of your survival of the mind. Will you stop to survive in this physically reality? Are those who have to physically survive and starve to death have any chance to transcend in 2012 according to Kryon’s Equality Equation?

Is the Equation that kryon is working with, is only valid/correct to the Elite? Is it possible that Money is the key for your transcendence? because, if you have money, you can step out of your mental survival and begin your process, simply because you have the ability to hear Kryon’s message and apply his suggestions.

 “As long as you are in survival, you will never know any other layer at all. As long as you’re in survival, you will not get to the next layer, and can’t even start the process.”

Those who don’t have money (which are more than 3 BILLION people in this world) do not have any chance to end their physical survival in the current Money System, not to mentioned stopping their mental survival as Kryon is suggesting to because they don’t have the luxuries to hear his message and support themselves.

Now, how come those who know everything, like Kryon, can not come up with a practical solution that will benefit not only the elite that can afford listening to his channels or join a seminar, but to all beings on earth?

Common sense people – a solution that will change this world to a world that respects all living beings, must be implemented practically.

We can sit, and hope, and meditate as long as we can but the bottom line is that – it will not feed the starving people, it will not provide them with significant health care, it will not insure that they will have purified drinking water.

Practical solution must be walked and it cannot be based on ‘Intentions’ like Kryon is suggesting. We suggest to investigate the Equal money System that will create a physical world that is best for all. Through the establishment of Equal Money System, we can start our process of having heaven on earth, for everyone.

Look in common sense at Kryon message and you’ll start seeing that it is based on massive separation, it is based on Self Interest simply because his message doesn’t take everyone into consideration.

Investigate Desteni, Investigate the Equal Money System, Investigate the ‘Desteni I Process’.