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2012 – kabbalah – Human intelligence

“…Does a rock have a soul? The answer is Yes! The only difference between the soul of a rock and the soul of a rock star is the degree and intensity of their desire to receive Light.

The more Light an entity desires and receives, the greater its intelligence and self awareness. A human being is more intelligent and self aware than an ant, and an ant is more intelligent and self aware than a rock…”

(Berg, Yehuda. The power of Kabbalah. 2nd. 1. london: 2004. 72)



Intelligence is an interesting word. Here is a perspective by Sunette Spies in relation to the word ‘Intelligence’:


“Intelligence – ‘Intel – Lie – Genes’

INTEL – as the knowledge and information of the mind consciousness system

LIE – the illusion of knowledge and information in relation to actual physical reality

GENES – the integration of the mind consciousness system as energy as knowledge and information into the human physical body that human beings function through and believe to be real, when in fact actually separated from physical living and existing as a system.

Intelligence is a programme of consciousness/the mind – that consist of and exist as the/a entire body of knowledge and information definitions about ourselves/ ‘who we are’ and our relationships towards ourselves, others and this world as a whole that in fact separate us from ourselves, each other and this world/physical existence. Because we’ve created relationships towards ourselves, others and this world through definitions/programmes within our Mind, and not in fact lived and actual real physical equality and oneness with ourselves, each other and this world. Intelligence is the programme/manifestation that actually separate us from establishing real/eternal relationships of physical equality and oneness.

The programme of intelligence manifests within consciousness/the mind and integrates/extends into our human physical bodies, so that what has happened is that we interact/participate through the physical in physical reality within this programme, INTERPRETING reality / relationships based on our own frames of reference in our minds as the knowledge and information we were TAUGHT that was imprinted / inserted / downloaded into us from those that has gone before us. We in no way stand by ‘who we are’ and actually live and relate to others, ourselves and this world within realising that ourselves, others and this world is in fact ourselves, our own creation. In this, each individual has their own “intelligence database” within consciousness/the mind based on individual self-interest, connected to our EGO’s and so intelligence only serves the Ego of Mind, and in no way contribute to the actual establishing/creating/manifestation of equality and oneness as a world/reality that is best for all, as all are too preoccupied with competing through Ego’s with Intelligence.

With Desteni, we’re in the process of transforming the knowledge and information of intelligence into practical living principles, and changing the starting point of self-interest/EGO to standing as an individual living as/for a principle that is best for all, and thus – transforming knowledge and information as consciousness/system into LIVING WORDS that will create/manifest a world that is in fact best for all.”


Now, let’s have a look at what we have done with our intelligence to be able to determine whether or not we are in fact intelligence human beings.


The Kabbalah is stating the that vessel, who consisted of and existed as the desire to receive light, no longer desired to only receive light but also wanted to give Light. However, there was no one to give light to and thus, the Light/God, decided to teach the vessel a lesson to be able to return to its origin/source and embrace its property of only standing in the side of the receiver within the Desire to receive light, which is the manifested consequences of the abusive and aweful world that we are currently experiencing.  Was that an intelligent decision?


Obviously, The Light/God’s plan didn’t work out so well as we, the human being, are far away from ever realizing the origin of ourselves and in that context, we can defiantly determine that the decision to teach us some sort of lesson wasn’t in any way an intelligent decision.


My perspective of the Kabbalist Myth with regards to the limitation of the belief in the purpose of the Light’s Decision can be read in the Blog – 2012 – Kabbalah -The reasons for our discontent


In spite of the physical evidence of the lack of human intelligence as the manifestation of this abusive world we keep on defining ourselves as intelligent human beings. Interestingly enough, I would rather define us as stupid.


Our acceptance and allowance of this world to exists as it is currently existence where 3.3 billion beings are born to die is a deliberate stupidity and doesn’t show or reveal any form of intelligence.


Our acceptance and allowances of the Health care system which is based on profit making instead of actual health care is a deliberate abuse. Why there is no cure to Cancer? Because there is too much money involved. Why there is no cure for diabetes? Because there is too much money involved.

Why there is increase in heart problems despite of the researches that was done with physical evidence that the condition can be changed and alter with a specific diet? Because there is too much money involved.


Why are we so blind? Because we rather place our power in faith and hope that there is a higher plan, higher forces that know what it’s doing and in that, we abdicating our responsibility of creating ourselves as intelligent human being that practically and physically create a world that is worth living. Why? Because we fear. We fear facing ourselves, our beliefs, our secret minds and actually look in common sense and self honesty at that which we have become. We rather accept the ignorance, the abuse, the suffering because we are protected by the great divinity of Money.

For the relationship between the Light and Money, please read 2012 – Kabbalah – The Root of our Unhappiness


So, how can we change our existence of stupidity to an existence of intelligence?

It is first to realize our own responsibility of creating ourselves as stupid human beings that influenced and control by the current world system; a system that is based on self interest, profit and abuse. Then, we can take the step of self responsibility, deprogram and reprogram ourselves as intelligent human being for the very first time; intelligent that is based on, consists of and exists as principles that are best for all lives. How? Self Forgiveness, Self Honesty and common sense


We have to realize our responsibility of creating a world that is best for all. We have to realize our power as the creators of this world and how to create with this power a world that is best for all.

We have to stand up for the very first time and take our power back to ourselves. We have to come together as humanity and create/manifest a world that we would like to inherit to our children.

We have to! No one will ever change this world unless we do.


Investigate Equal Money System and be the KEY to practically and physically change this reality.

2012 – Kabbalah -The reasons for our discontent

“We find ourselves unhappy, unfulfilled, sad, depressed, miserable, or anxious when our desires seem to be ignored by the universe. It’s usually some form of chaos that precipitates our unfulfilled longings. Ill, health. Financial adversity. Problems in the marriage. Social pressures. All this turmoil occurs when we disconnect ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly, from the 99 percent realm.

 However, when we learn how to connect to this realm, we can control the events in our lives. We can prevent and eradicate the chaos that causes our unhappiness. We can turn on the light and vanquish the darkness.

Contact with the 99 percent realm is the secret key to fulfilment in life. But it’s not easy to do. That’s why the ancient spiritual masters of Kabbalah gave us the tolls and methods for reaching beyond our everyday lives.”

(Berg, Yehuda. The power of Kabbalah. 2nd. 1. london: 2004. 31)


Here is another great example of how the kabbalah disregards Life and the conditions that we have accepted Life to be. The Kabbalah claims that connecting to the 99 percent realm is the key to fulfilment however, Can the 3.3 Billion people that are starving to death all around the world, connect to the ‘Light’? Can they stop themselves from experience the physical suffering where their Stomach’s enzymes eating the flesh from the inside because there was no food going into their body in days, when they are connected to the ‘Light’? Does the ‘Light’ bring food to your table? Does the ‘Light’ make sure you have a decent house to live in?

Is it the ‘Light’ or ‘Money’ that can assist and support one to stop fighting for their survival and start investigating what Life as who we are actually and practically IS. Is it the connection to ‘Light’ or Money that will make sure all your basic needs are being met?

The ancient Spiritual masters of the Kabbalah haven’t given us any substantial tool to step out of our unhappiness and miserable life when we born in the ‘wrong’ side of this world’s polarity. No. The Kabbalah only occupied some of the people in this world through Hope and brainwash so that we can never step out of our mind and discover the 100% of reality that was ALWAYS here!

Money is the source of our existence because if we don’t have it, we are in a big problem. We won’t be able to continue functioning in this world and we simply experience slow and painful death from hunger, diseases or malnutrition.

What the kabbalah actually support is the elevation of self to the ultimate Mind-Fuck where one is seeking for a self interest ‘Light’ or One’s Happiness if you will which is all based on feelings and experience of higher energy when one is reading/studying the Kabbalah. What is interesting is that the words and the feelings that confirm the Kabbalah’s words are taken as TRUTH – in spite of the physical evidence of this manifested world of abuse and suffering of the majority.

We have always been ‘Here’ and the Answer was always ‘Here’ but as long as we continue seeking for external force that will make our lives happier, we further separate ourselves from ourselves as the physical Answer that is ourselves and within that, we compromise everything and everyone by blinding ourselves in our journey for the light. Isn’t it ironic?

Investigate Equal Money System to see, understand and realize that we have the power to create this world and ourselves via simple principles of ‘Give that which you’d like to Receive’ – Give Life to Receive Life. Equal Money System IS the first step for creating a world that is best for all in this physical Life time. Make sure that when one asks you ‘where were you in this Life’ you have a self honest answer. Stop hoping for a change and become the living change!

Thank you

2012 – Kabbalah – The 99% World

One of the basics principles of the Kabbalah is that there are two realities that exist: “Our 1% World of Darkness and the 99% realm of Light”, wherein, one has access to the 1% of the physical reality through one’s 5 senses (Touch, Hear, Taste, Smell, sight) and the 99% of the reality is the source of all lasting fulfilment.

Let’s walk this in details:

According to the Kabbalah, the 1% is the physical reality that you can smell, see, touch, taste and hear. What does it practically imply? Since you cannot use your 5 senses, in awareness of all that is here, of all that exists, everything that is not in your direct environment isn’t part of the 1%, which according to the Kabbalah it means that it is part of the 99% as the “lasting fulfilment”. But is it?

If we look at that equation, the starving child in the other side of the world, is part of the 99% because you don’t see the skin that covers his body that consist of only bones and organs, you can’t hear his crying for food, you can’t touch him, you can’t taste him and you can’t smell his bad body smell due to not having sufficient hygiene facilities.

Now, let’s take it one step further – Can you use your 5 senses to feel your cells in your human physical body? Can you feel the blood moving in your veins? Can you speak with your body and with every cell of your body, with every organ? No. does it means that it doesn’t exist as the physical reality which represent the 1%?
From here, we can simply see that this basic principle of the Kabbalah was made from the starting point of separation. Why?

If we look at the example of the starving child, he is part of the 99% that you can only access when you study the secret of the Kabbalah. Until then, his existence doesn’t affect you, the physical suffering that he is experiencing isn’t relevant to you and the continuation of the abuse in this world keeps on occurring because you won’t do anything to change that which is not part of the 1% of your reality.

If we then look at the example with the human physical body, it clearly shows how we have been separated to such an extent from our own human physical body, that we can’t even be Equal and One within and as our human physical body.

However, everything in existence is a Physical manifestation even if we can’t use our 5 senses, everything in existence consists of and exists as the 100% in fact, but we cannot grasp it due to our limited expression due to the separation that we have all accepted and allowed.

We have separated ourselves to such an extent that we perceive reality only through our 5 senses even though, there is much more in existence than what we perceive with our 5 senses. Not even considering the question “Why is that like this?”, shows how limited and separate we are, not only from all that exists but also from ourselves as the human physical body.

This statement is a deliberate manipulation, to not consider the REAL 100% of the physical existence that is in fact ‘Here’ and so, we remain within the idea of 1%, the 1 Point that will keep us controlled, limited and enslaved. This 1 point that the Kabbalah manipulates with through “all lasting fulfilment” is to keep beings trapped within their own self-interest, seeking happiness, in total and complete disregard of the 100%; instead of imposing and impulsing Equality and Oneness, the Kabbalah assists and supports the continuation of separation in this world for the past 2000 years.

Furthermore, is the 99% that can be taught only by the Kabbalist are actual and practical education of how this reality works? No. The test of time proves that as the world continue De-Evolving into a total disaster.

See, when one do not educate oneself to understand and realize how this world works and functions, one become the experience of uselessness and as such, do not Practically act/stand up to create a substantial change in this world. One is rather stuck in the slavery labour system, completely occupied with survival which eventually leads to giving up the actuality of becoming the key to change this reality as the totality of the 100%. And thus, we sit back, within our 1% bubble as the mind, completely separated from the 100% of reality which within that, we accept and allow the abuse and suffering in the world. What we have yet to understand is that unless we are all Equally free from the forced reality of survival, real Joy, real Love and real Happiness cannot exist in its totality wherein everyone are free to express themselves, to enjoy themselves in this physical reality.

We can clearly see that the Kabbalah isn’t standing in alignment to the principle of Oneness and Equality as what is best for all but only referring to the Elite in this world, who has enough money to entertain themselves with the Kabbalah message and sustain their fake happiness through faith and hope.

The Kabbalah teaching doesn’t have any substantial solution that will assist and support with getting back ‘Here’ as the 100% in full consideration of all that is here. One should ask oneself “why”. One should look at the Kabbalah’s word and ask oneself: Is the principle of Equality and Oneness practically applied? Is there any practical solution that is best for all in the Kabbalah teaching, which does not consist of only having faith and believes?

One should consider what DOES Equality and Oneness practicality mean? How can we make sure that all have a dignified life? How can we change ourselves into seeing and realizing that we are actually 100% of this existence and it is up to us to stand up, face that which we have blindly accepted and allowed and through that, walking the solution that is best for all, internally and externally.

Internally would mean to walk a process of Re-Education, to get to know ourselves as the mind, how we designed ourselves to only be aware of the limited 1% or even less than that in this world; how the Mind Consciousness System works; how we have automated ourselves to react/feel/think and What can be practically done to change ourselves into and as a physical being that walk in every breath according to principles of Oneness and Equality as what is best for all.

Externally would mean to Re-Educate ourselves in what is really going on in this world, how things works for example, how the economy works and what are the basic guidelines that established the capitalism system, How money works, what happening with the food we are eating, why there are changes in the weather, is the Oil running out, is the health system is based on what is best for the patient or is it based on what makes the most profit?  Because only if we know how everything works in this world, we won’t be subjected and submitted to that which we are constantly being infused with through the deceptive media, politicians, government and etc. Once we see how we’ve been nothing but a puppet to benefit a few, we can stand up and change this current money system of abuse and survival, creating a system that is best for all, that consider the 100%, that consider what is really best for all.

So Educate yourself internally with the Desteni I Process and externally with participating with the Equal Money System Forum.

For more perspective with regards the 1% and the 99%, check out:

2012: Who is the 99% and Who is the 1%?

This video speak about how we are in fact only 1%, not taking into consideration the entire 99% which is all the beings in this world. A solution can only stand when all the 100% are taking into consideration as what is best for all as a whole.

 And a point to ponder:

“It is important to realize and investigate the fact that the part that goes to the afterlife is actually physical and is created and formed as energy transmuted form the physical that ends up as a higher vibration and a LESSER density. Thus–the origin of the afterlife is the physical and thus the physical is the SOURCE – Thus actually a TOTAL reverse to what is being taught in spirituality”. BernardPoolman

2012 – Kabbalah – The Root of our Unhappiness

2012 – The Root of our Unhappiness

 “The fact that our desires are not constantly infused with Light is the foundation of our unhappiness and anxiety. If there is joy in an area of our lives for five years, it means there was only enough Light in the “tank” to last for those five years. Running out of Light – or rather, disconnecting from Light – is what made us unhappy. The more Light we have in our lives, the longer our desires remain fulfilled and the Happier we are.

 We also have a lingering deep-stated fear that our happiness will eventually end. When we find ourselves in a rare state of contentment and serenity, we have a negative tendency to believe it’s too good to be true. We worry about tomorrow. And the moment these doubts creep in , the instant we begin to worry about how long it will last, we run out of Light. We lose the connection. Light is therefore also defined as the comfort, security, and peace of mind of knowing that happiness will still be with us tomorrow. When we are connected to the Light, there is no fear, anxiety, or insecurity about the future.
(Berg, Yehuda. The power of Kabbalah. 2nd. 1. London: 2004. 10)

 However, let’s replace the word ‘Light’ with the word ‘Money’ to see which paragraph makes more sense.

“The fact that our desires are not constantly infused with Money is the foundation of our unhappiness and anxiety. If there is joy in an area of our lives for five years, it means there was only enough Money in the “tank” to last for those five years. Running out of Money – or rather, disconnecting from Money – is what made us unhappy. The more Money we have in our lives, the longer our desires remain fulfilled and the Happier we are.

 We also have a lingering deep-stated fear that our happiness will eventually end. When we find ourselves in a rare state of contentment and serenity, we have a negative tendency to believe it’s too good to be true. We worry about tomorrow. And the moment these doubts creep in, the instant we begin to worry about how long it will last, we run out of Money. We lose the connection. Money is therefore also defined as the comfort, security, and peace of mind of knowing that happiness will still be with us tomorrow. When we are connected to the Money, there is no fear, anxiety, or insecurity about the future. “

Now seriously, when we look at the practicality of our physical existence, it is not  the ‘Light’ that allow one to be happy, it is how much Money one has to be able to fulfil one’s happiness through consumerism. It was proven that in the year 2011, 3.3 billion people in this world are jobless which means that they do not have Money. I’m sure that most of them do not experience constant happiness because they are simply disconnected from Money. No matter how strong they will believe in the ‘Light’, there won’t be any food on their table and they will die, every 3 second, from starvation.

 The ‘light’ or the connectedness to ‘light’ didn’t stand the test of time as the poverty around the world but only increasing. Those that feels or “know” their connectedness to ‘light’ are only those who have Money and as soon as money runs out, the light become darkness.

 The intent of the three “true Kabbalists” Ashlag, Brandwein and Berg was “not a Nobel Prize, academic acclaim, or endless philosophical discourse; the goal of these Kabbalists was to bring simple happiness, peace, and fulfilment to all humanity.” (Berg, Yehuda. The power of Kabbalah. 2nd. 1. london: 2004. xxi). However, we can see that unless you don’t have light which is Money, happiness cannot be found. So, what is the solution? How can we make sure all have Light, Or shell I say, Money? And how can we make sure the constant happiness can be fulfilled?

 Equal Money System is the ultimate solution. Why Equal Money? This world is nothing but an abusive manifestation for the majority of people which are constantly and continually fights for their survival. When one is fighting for one’s survival, one might have a snip of a moment of happiness and that happiness ends the moment after when the stomach signals: “I’m hungry and I haven’t been eaten for days”.

 So let’s bring some ‘light’ into this world through ‘Equal Money System’. Study what Equal Money System implies and stand as the ‘light’ for those who cannot stand for themselves. Become the Pillar that shines because it is YOU who have the keys for constant happiness, not only for yourself, but also of others.


2012 will make some gurus lots of money

Being a well known guru is an awesome job. You get to teach in various cool places around the world, all your expenses are taking care of, you come back to your nice and cozy home with a bonus of a nice paycheck, you get to brainwash your followers to sustain your monthly income and you get to have a passive income from selling your books and videos in multiple languages. What an awesome job! Wouldn’t everyone want it?

It is very beneficial for those who teach/preach about 2012 because you give your followers a day to wait for, a day to prove that your message is real, and close to the deadline, you change your prophecy to another 18 years so that you’ll capture your followers to support you for ever and ever and ever, until you die in wealth, taking nothing of you to your grave.

2012 supports many gurus/chanellers/healers in doing just that – making money out from the thin air, with no actual change that is visible in this world, a change that will make sure that all will have a dignified life, a warm bed and food on their table. And as we come close to this date, we see how the prophecy already altered and changed to 18 years from now as Kryon mentioned in his latest seminar that was done on December 2011.

So you see – the method doesn’t change, the consumerism of prophecies and prediction is a huge Market force where there will always be the ones that follow such prophecies and predictions because how can they not, when ‘hope’ and ‘love’ is promised to them and It’s right here, in the next corner, what does it matter if it’s this year or 18 years from now?

The gurus/chanellers/healers haven’t realized their responsibility and what the outflows of their action are. They haven’t realized that they could use the power that was given to them by the mess, to actually stand up and walk towards a solution that is best for all in practicality. But why should they do so when they have their followers giving them money and they live happily ever after in their inner peace? Do not give a fuck about humanity and justify it with the grand plan that God/white light has designed to get us to the point of oneness and equality while all along, God/white light is the fucker that is responsible for this abusive world. Which is funny actually because they call themselves enlightened beings that are walking in divinity when the matter of the fact is that they sustaining the separation that exists in this world. Irony or total ignorance?

So where am I going with this? 2012 is a consumerism thing and it is all about the money, so I dare you to wake the hell up, look at what is here and spend your money wisely. You do not need anyone to tell you that you are divine, a higher being, a magnificent soul. No. You need to take yourself seriously and support yourself in common sense, to see how you are responsible for yourself and your world, how you can practically change yourself and your world and how we can make sure that no one, ever, will suffer any longer and heaven on earth is Here, as a physical manifestation.

A question to assist and support you  – what does it make you feel when Gurus/chanellers/healers tells you that you are divine? Do you feel special? Do you feel good within yourself? if the answer is yes, I suggest to look in self honesty why and how you have separated yourself from yourself to such an extent that you need external forces to tell you how good you are, instead of walking in each breath in self trust, knowing who and what you are, knowing that you have the possibility to be the change of this reality by standing up and practically assist and support yourself to change through and as principles that are best for all. That is divinity, to see that a solution that is best for all is possible and you are the key. It will be totally ignorant if you won’t act on it and assist with changing this world.

Sitting around, hoping for magnificent forces to change you, isn’t divinity, that is stupidity. Because you have what it takes to change. We have proven that already, check out the Destonians’ time line of self transformation.

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