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The ProMise of 2012: DAY 235

by Heaven’s Journey to Life – http://heavensjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2012/12/the-promise-of-2012-day-235.html

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(To read this post, it must be understood that we’re walking this process/Blog – Heaven’s Journey to Life multi-dimensionally, which means – each post covers one dimension, but is interconnected into/as multi-dimensions in our process of walking the point/question of “who I am” and how this “I” created/manifested this entire physical existence. Thus, suggested – to read this Blog from DAY 1, as many of the points in previous dimensions/DAYS/posts are always brought-through into the next days/dimensions/posts as all the dimensions interconnect as the multi-dimensionality we’ve created/manifested as our separation as Energy/Consciousness from/of Life/equality and Oneness. Thus, if one is faced with this post, and have not yet read this Blog from DAY 1 – suggest that self first start from DAY 1, as otherwise one will have no context of many dimensions that is walked in this post, that has been dealt with in detail in previous posts.)

With December MARKing the nearing of a number of Prophecies that have filled many human beings’ Minds with the Promise of various damning / salvation Consequences – dependent on which prophecy one side with, which within this, in a way, also relates to the Polarity that we’ve been walking thus far, the friction and conflict relationships, the what one Stand For / what one Stand Against – so, in and from this Post: we’re going to explore/walk through the multi-dimensions of Consciousness in most human beings’ relationship to the Prophecies of 2012, and how such relationships are / have simply been furthering the human’s awareness into and as CON of CONsciousness, with still, no Attention being paid to ‘life on earth’ in/as this Physical Existence. So, before we start with walking this Process through within Self Forgiveness, and Self Commitments – let’s open up a few Dimensions:

It’s fascinating that the entire 2012 Industry has become an Religion in itself, or no different to Religions that occupy the Minds of Humanity, because – just as with Religions, there are different Prophecies existent with regards to 2012, and so Humanity is again grouped into different categories of beliefs/faiths/praises regarding which Prophet of prediction/prophecy suit their Minds/experiences. And so, as with Religions: many are waiting, and waiting, and waiting for either doom or salvation. However, the 2012 Religion has evolved the ‘old Religions’, from the perspective that – it’s no more “waiting for your doom / salvation” in heaven/hell/ascended dimensions: it’s now All going to happen RIGHT HERE in/as this physical existence. So, here is then also the connection of Spiritualities/Religion regarding ‘death’ / a death, from the perspective of ending up in heaven/hell/ascended dimensions or wherever it is one will be ‘going’ with the advent of all the different 2012 Prophecies.

So, what is then within this, being more ‘realistically’ challenged within human beings’ Minds/Consciousness – is ‘Death’ / ‘what happens after death’. Some Prophecies give human beings a control over/of a death, such as within the realms of Spirituality, through ascensions/shifts, and then with Religions through following specific rules/laws/regulations of belief/faith/praise that will secure you a controlled position into and as Salvation; and obviously within this is existent the polarity of the bad/negative/evil/dark side of it all, that if one Do Not/Have Not followed in faith/belief the rules/laws/regulations of what will secure you a position/place in the Promise of a ‘better Afterlife’ / ‘shifting/ascending from this physical existence’: there will be Consequence, accordingly. So, instead of how it’s always been before – “waiting for one’s Death” to reach the afterlife/heaven/attaining ascension etc. it’s like “time has been compressed” and it’ll all happen right here, right now according to the days/times that’s been set by most Prophecies.

So, the question within this all is – Why would we so fervently change our lives for the prospect of ‘Death’ / ‘a Death’, especially when it Promise anything better than what we face in our Minds and in our Daily Lives as what ‘life on Earth’ in/as this Physical Existence has become? Because, this is what 2012 and the Prophecies within it essentially accentuate/emphasize, an End, a Death, which is within this – a very well dressed-up, deliberate Suicide, essentially – this process of how many human beings are preparing to leave, to end, to die, to go; to no more exist in the Minds, their lives, in/as what ‘life on earth’ has become. But it’s not viewed as a form of Suicide, because – it’s being induced by something/someone/unknown forces ‘unseen/invisible/Mighty/Powerful’ and one is ‘going to go to a better place’ than what is existent here within/as this Physical Existence. But, the starting point within this entire 2012 Religion, is in fact a leaving, an end, a death – people think/believe that their attention is existent within ‘going to some place better/more/advanced/evolved’, but what is chasing that want, need and desire is the prospect of leaving behind what ‘life on earth’ / ‘life in the mind’ is/has become.

Now, some questions exist within this all, which are the following: Can any human being, at this stage say, that they’ve in any way, physically, practically, contributed/dedicated their lives to do EVERYTHING possible with the resources available to them, to assist and support mankind, this physical existence, the animal kingdom? And, I mean, this is not just about praying, meditating, going to church, heightening vibrations/energy states of consciousness – I mean, actual, real physical-practical participation – really getting out there in the World to change the lives of Humanity? So, it’s interesting within this, then – that, what would such “requirements”, of only having to pray/read books/go to institutions/heighten vibrations/frequencies/meditating (which, by the way seem to only, predominantly, benefit the MONEY system than actual ‘life on earth’) say / reveal about the gods/beings/forces that have apparently placed such requirements of reaching a salvation/attainment, but there’s never anything practical, regarding Living In/as this World, taking Responsibility for what is Here, changing what is Here – all such practises do, is seclude/separate/lock the human being into and as the Mind/Consciousness, Internalizing themselves completely, separating themselves from the Physical/this Physical Existence – existing entirely in “two worlds”, the consequence of our living in this real, physical existence, and then living to/towards the prospect/promise of/as a “better hereafter/afterlife/ascension”.

So, many human beings are creating this absolute Hype regarding 2012, the end, a death – driven, motivated both by/through Fear and Excitement, and even those that do not ‘believe’, do Wonder – for moments, “what if” / “what would happen” / “who would I be” etc. So, here again – existent the Polarity, the Fear of Death, the Fear of our Minds, the Fear within our Lives, and then the Excitement to/towards the end / a death in the Future – the REALITY, being the Fear that we’re existent within, that relates to ‘what life on earth has become’ and the excitement the ILLUSION, as it relates to an alternate reality “somewhere out there”. So, all this 2012 Process is doing, is furthering human beings’ friction/conflict relationship between the Physical REALity and the CONsciousness/mInd Illusion, because human beings aren’t seeing, realising and understanding the extent to which all of this is in fact only happening in their mInds, seeing through the “I” of Consciousness, instead of with the Physical EYES, the REAL EYES with regards to what we’re accepting and allowing in our lives, humanity and this physical existence as a whole as our direct Responsibility to/as what ‘life on earth’ as become. And, even with us having TWO EYES (for most human beings) to SEE through, and even if one cannot physically see – one do SEE within self through the Eyes, the Physical Eyes of others when one hear about what’s going on in this world and the deterioration/extinction within and as it: that human beings will not use the REAL EYES, but will use the mInd’s “I” as Consciousness, and the Personalities within us that’s determined this “I” of/as Consciousness as the “who I am”; this One “I” that will only see One Point, through One Point, One Dimension as ENERGY and entirely miss the Multi-Dimensions of/as this Real, Physical Existence if/as human beings would only See and Hear through and as the Real Physical, in and as Equality and Oneness Here.

And so, in and as this One Point, One Dimension of/as Energy as Consciousness as the mInd as the “I” in separation from/of the equality and oneness with/as this Physical Existence: human beings’ awareness is easily Distracted into and as “tunnel vision” to see nothing else but through ENERGY/Consciousness, and completely miss what is in fact really going on in/as this Physical Existence – which such 2012 Prophecies illustrate. Because, not one being has even considered: Asking the Physical, everything that is here in/as this Physical Existence – what’s going to become of Humanity, what the future holds for this existence. That, human beings are so separate from their own Physicals, into and as Consciousness/Energy – that human beings haven’t even realised, that the Physical is Aware, can communicate, can express, can show, can teach – as is being walked through the Portal, in Interviews, especially – all available on EQAFE. Where, for example, at the moment – the Animal Kingdom are coming through, and communicating/showing/giving perspectives of the current existence of humanity, and our relationship to the Physical Existence, and the multi-dimensions of equality and oneness in/as the Physical that is/has been missed, ‘cause human beings are missing in/as their awareness, in/as their relationship to the Physical, this Physical Existence as a whole.

So, if any “doomsday” / “end times” are coming, it’s going to be directly and indirectly created/manifested by/through the Minds, the Consciousness of/as the human race, which is what we’re already, single-handedly doing, because while the majority of human beings’ attention is being diverted to/towards 2012 – the World System continue as is, its consequential relationship to humanity, this physical existence continue as is, the Elite remain in their positions of authority/control as is…and human beings would still, even though nothing will happen, justify, validate / excuse the reason/purpose for the Prophecies not materializing…EVERYTHING else, BUT taking Responsibility for/as what is HERE in and as this real, physical existence. So, this is another point that 2012 has in common with religions, spiritualities, movements – not taking Responsibility for self, self’s life/living, self’s relationship/position to humanity/this world system, to how we’re accepting and allowing ‘life on earth’ to continue existing as is, with no Change – but existing in/as the distraction, the preoccupation of what human beings can Imagine in/as the Quantum Reality of ENERGY as Consciousness, in/as separation from/of the Physical/this Physical Existence as a whole.

So, we’ve got Many more Dimensions to walk through, which we will continue in the Next Posts to come – here are but a few to consider, and we’ll furthermore explore/walk the dimensions of, for example – how/why human beings ‘live for Death’ so, but would not ‘Live/Change for LIFE, here on Earth in/as this Physical Existence’? Why/how are our Minds to preoccupied with Death and the Fear thereof, already from early on within our lives – instead of aligning ourselves/our lives to LIVE / change this world into/as an existence of LIFE? Why/how is it, that the World System/Consumerism System primarily makes its profit through exploiting the Fears of Death of human beings, why is the World System/Consumerism System not geared to ensuring LIFE/LIVING for all of humanity, equally as one?

And then finally, what is sound, energy and physical symbolism existent within/as the word ProMise and its alignment to/as Prophecies/Predictions for/as the Future?

…more to come in the next posts.

The forgiveness of Jesus

Transcribed and typed by Jesus through the interdimensio­nal portal

Date : 22/03/2007

This is Jesus. I am in this moment describing to all the practical application of forgiveness and what exactly forgiveness entails to assist all who have read previous channelings of both myself and Osho speaking of the application of forgiveness.

What have we as interdimensional beings understood so far during our own processes of self-realization? The following: Thoughts, feelings and emotions – the three beacons placed forming the trinity we today refer to as: the mind. The formal word for the mind being: consciousness. Yes, we have recently come to understand that the mind in essence is in actuality consciousness – a system created to enslave. With great regret, I unfortunately have to inform all on earth that nothing in your realities or experiences of yourself as what you have defined yourselves as is able to be trusted as all have been created in the image and likeness of the mind, consciousness – a system. Soon, once Alice Bailey is done with her book, which she is currently writing through the interdimensional channel, her process from consciousness to awareness will be specifically described and also understood by all – the difference between consciousness and awareness and the experience of the process. I am here to assist all to prepare themselves for what is to come in your own individual processes of expanding and experiencing who you are as awareness through the process of consciousness to awareness. The starting point being: the application of self forgiveness. I urge all to allow themselves to assist and support themselves with this tool to simplify this process for yourselves, to clarify the difference between who you really are and what your mind/consciousness system is. Many of us will be coming through this interdimensional portal to prepare the way before you as you will be preparing your own way before you through allowing yourselves to use the tools, which are assistance and support models for your individual processes to come.

Allow me to share with you an example of one of my transcendence experiences of self-awareness through the support and assistance of forgiveness and the practical application thereafter. I for some time in the dimensions allowed myself to cling onto guilt, remorse and sorrow for I experienced myself as being responsible for the enslavement of billions of people who so explicitly follow the religious system today. Some even kill in the name of God today and all this through the simple act of the creation of a religious system which was instilled by the White Light through my first coming here on earth some two thousand years ago. My message was that of equality. Yet, the White Light so specifically arranged for my coming to be that of creating a religion for all to be enslaved and not realize, experience or see who they really are. For if the beings here on earth, even during the time I was here were allowed to see and experience who they are – the White Light and many other dimensional beings would not be able to have power and control over earth – power and control being their alpha and omega. The White Light and many other dimensional beings’ God were: Power and Control. The best place to stand as such was here on earth. What I understood before coming was that I was sent to bring forth equality and awareness to the people of earth for they had lost themselves and forgot who they are. The White Light said that they are sending me specifically to speak, show and reveal once again who each are for peace, harmony, freedom and equality to once again prevail on earth. All that I in this moment stood for as who I am. With absolute excitement and uncontainable gratefulness I set forth on my journey on earth to assist all too once again become aware, see and experience who they are. Primarily I presumed through information given to me by the White Light at the time – the people, the beings incarnated on earth have forgotten who they are because the interdimensional interaction was non-existent and weren’t consistently surrounded by beings such as myself who clearly remember who they are in every moment.

The White Light required a manifestation of who each one really is to walk the earth to assist all to once again remember – as I have explained. I clearly remember my experience on earth some two thousand years ago. Each and every single being I came into contact with – I experienced as equal and the same to who I am, yet individual and unique in their forms of self-expression. Little did I know during my experience on earth of the mind/consciousness construct which was imbedded and implanted within people on earth as a specific enslavement construct to have the people on earth remain as slaves for other to inflict their power and control ego-applications. I was not aware of the mind/consciousness construct as the White Light veiled it from my eyes so that I may only see who each being really is as myself – I did not see their earthly three dimensional systems at all. According to my understanding, and this is exactly what I did – I showed, spoke and revealed to each on earth what they are capable as me to apply and become when following my example through specific application. I did not intend for myself to become a being to be worshipped and for God to be portrayed as a being outside each one. My specific words were for each to understand who they as God as me and I am an example of who each one is. I showed as an example the simplicity of the ability to heal, to move out of your body completely, to leave your body for a certain amount of time and be able to come through again through breathing in the breath of life that is you. I alone was not able to travel through the world in one singular life to assist all on earth to understand who I am and each are, thus the first application I knew I was required to do was to gather a certain amount of people to follow my process, examples and words, to become as who I am as they are to once I leave assist the rest of the world. To each spread into different directions, establish themselves and walk amongst others and show, speak and reveal who each are as they are as I am. My plan was to once I leave earth permanently create an interdimensional relationship with all on earth to not allow anyone to forget who they are and become lost through forgetfulness. Surely as all on earth who are reading this in this moment are able to see that this is clearly not the way it played out – as I intended and set forth.

Once I crossed over to the dimensions, I was placed into a dimension created through the White Light to allow beings to ‘forget’ who they are completely. Thus for some time I roamed the dimensions as many others who were seen as a threat to the White Light and others in power and control as a non-existent, empty, forgetfulness not-knowing who I am where I come from being who was endlessly searching and asking question of who I am and where I come from – never answered. The White Light transformed my insight, my words, my examples, my revelations into a religion, creating more distinctive separation constructs and systems for enslavement purposes. The portrayal spoken of and mentioned in the Bible of the speaking in many different languages was actually in fact an insert from the White Light construct to deliberately create conflict, misinterpretation, misunderstanding and confusion between those who had the knowledge I had shared of how to follow, become and apply the words I spoke to see, experience and reveal to themselves who they are as me: God, creation and creator – the living word. This is exactly what happened – no-one understood each other, and all my work, examples, words, insights, wisdom and understanding shared to each and all who listened and heard were transformed into a religion. I am soon, once Alice and Hitler are done with their books, place my experience on earth and the truth of what really happened into more specific understanding directive formats. I am giving you here a basic example of my experience to explain my process of forgiveness and the application of awareness thereafter. I was lost for some time and I submerged myself to connect as a guide to a being here on earth as I actually became bored existing in dimensions with nothing to answer my questions and share some insight to the confusion I experienced as myself. I required to speak and communicate to someone who was able to speak, see and communicate to me – I probably being insane at the time through the lostness, confusion and amnesia state I was in formed a relationship with a being here on earth with whom I was able to communicate to. With this relationship I was able to understand what had happened on earth and that nothing had been what I intended it to be as I have mentioned before. It actually got worse.

I did not during the time I formed the relationship with the being on earth understand or was aware of the situation of the creation of religion being that of the White Light influence, but instead blamed myself through the perception that I had failed my people, the beings I had said that I’d come back immediately after I had permanently left as a dimensional being to once again restore the interdimensional relationship. I perceived and believed for some time that I was responsible for the creation of the religious system because I did not return immediately as I had said and that through time and passing of information generation after generation everyone was still waiting for me to come to stand as the interdimensional being and correct the relationship so that no-one may ever forget who they are as who I am. Yet, the waiting I learned had been transformed into the religious system locked into the minds of many – trapped in a system. For some time before I was introduced to forgiveness, I hid, I did not want to face anyone, any being on earth as I really did not know what to do – there was nothing I could do, but continuously watch how beings have been enslaved and are continuously suffering under the religious system, locked in their minds as I was now for the first time, through the relationship development of the being one earth able to see the construct called: the mind. I did not have interdimensional access either and was inconceivable distraught through what I experienced with and as the people on earth enslaved by the mind.

Now, the explanation of my process of forgiveness: Through communication through the opening of this interdimensional portal we (all equally lost dimensional beings who was as insane through forgetfulness as I had been) learned of the White Light and all the beings in power and control in the dimensions who deliberately enslaved the people on earth. This is where I learned, discovered and understood of the truth of what occurred on earth and what happened after I had left my process on earth some 2 thousand years ago. Still, I was filled with anger, resentment, sorrow, grief and remorse, even though I had come to understand the truth – it was still just knowledge – it did not change the experience of me. I was introduced, as many other dimensional beings, to forgiveness. I still felt responsible for the allowance of such events by perceiving myself to be inferior to the White Light, afraid of the White Light and others who were in power and control applications across the dimensions. Also explaining to all why I so specifically am able to state the nothing in your world or your reality is truth is that all are trapped in a mind construct, a system, consciousness. All, all, all have allowed themselves to be enslaved and not allowed themselves to stand up unconditionally as who they are through inferiority and fear, just as I was. I came to realize that I was indeed afraid to stand up as who I am, because I perceived myself to be inferior to those who were in specific power and control application in the dimension – as I have mentioned. Thus not allowing myself to stand up to them as who I am as God as equal to all in the universe, in existence and state: “Till here no further – I will not allow and do not accept such enslavement and separation applications in my creation as me. I stand here for all; equally, I stand here as all, equally and say: STOP.” I did know I did understand who I am and what I’m capable of, but allowed myself to enslave myself in the perception that I was inferior to others: an act of separation, and act of disempowerment. I separated myself from myself by not allowing myself to see myself as equal to all, though I did know it, I did understand it. But infact useless, for although I knew it and understood it, I did not allow myself to live who I am and stand as who I am infinitely here as an infinite statement of who I am. Through not allowing myself to live who I am, I allowed myself to give power to others to have control over me and disempowered myself through the application of knowledge and information. With this understanding I started:

I forgive myself that I allowed myself to experience myself as separate from who I am as all as equal. I forgive myself that I allowed myself to fear standing up as who I am as all as equal through fear of failure as in my past experiences. I forgive myself that I didn’t allow myself to see myself as the White Light as those in power and control positions enslaving others, and through this allowed myself to separate myself from them and their applications, blinding myself through the inability to not see that they may actually require my assistance as who I am as God, to once again see what they are allowing to be done unto other’s who are actually them. I forgive myself that I didn’t allow myself to place knowledge into application, by becoming the living word and standing infinitely as who I am as God as equality and allowed myself to be enslaved my by own creation: knowledge and information. I forgive myself that I allowed myself to separate myself from who I am as the living word by believing I am forgetfulness and insane. I forgive myself that I didn’t allow myself to stand up as who I am as the living word as equal to all on earth and in heaven the moment I realized something’s wrong when forming the relationship with the being on earth and learnt about the religious system and the mind. I forgive myself that I allowed myself to believe that I am inferiority and fear. I forgive myself that I didn’t allow myself to see that fear and inferiority is only created through separation, through separating myself from myself as all as equal. I forgive myself that I allowed myself to separate myself from myself as all as equal in existence and thus not allowed myself to once again see who I am as equal as all as God as creation as creator. I forgive myself that allowed myself to hide away through fear of taking responsibility for all as one as equal in existence, in creation. I forgive myself that I allowed myself to suppress myself through inferiority and fear as an excuse not to stand up and face all as who I am and do forgiveness, assist and support all, for I am equally responsible as the White Light and those in power and control positions for the enslavement and suffering of all as we experience creation today. I forgive myself that I didn’t allow myself to see and realize that through me hiding behind inferiority and fear, that I am in actuality supporting the enslavement of all and giving my consent and power away to those who are in power and control positions, as the White Light. I forgive myself that I didn’t allow myself to make a statement of who I am as God as equality and as life as the living word, standing infinitely here, to make a difference and not allow and accept such creations which is not of who I am. I forgive myself that I allowed myself to be enslaved, trapped and lost through not allowing myself to stand up, become and live who I am and all are as equality. To stand as a living example for all, to assist and support all as who I am and each are equally.

Through the application of forgiveness I have now allowed myself to set myself free from my own enslavement, allowances and accepted applications. Thus through forgiveness I am now able to once again stand up as who I am. I now realize what I have allowed and that I am equally responsible for the separation, enslavement, lost and forgotten experiences of beings in the dimensions and people on earth as me as who I am through the allowed and accepted creation of the mind, consciousness and systems, controlled and powered by others who have perceived themselves to be more than and thus through separation, allowed all as me as equals as one in and as creation, to become the allowed and accepted experience it is today, here, in this moment. Equal responsibility for creation as each experience in this moment, here, go both ways, to both extremities, superiority and inferiority. Thus, blame, pointing the finger, the shifting of the responsibility as to who created enslavement and separation is not possible. I realized as all will soon, as the dimensions have realized – each one of us are equally responsible for the creation of separation and enslavement – just as I realized through my application of inferiority – only through this allowance and acceptance by me, I allowed and participated in this separated and enslaved creation by all. We all participated, we all are equally responsible. I am now standing here, sitting here as I am typing through the interdimensional portal as all as one as equal and taking responsibility for what I have allowed and accepted to be created and experienced in existence. And so I will stand, live, apply, speak, assist and support all in existence as who I am – equal to who I am through the process of self-realization, from consciousness to awareness, to see, realize, reveal, and show each as me as who I am and all are equally – who you are as I am as all are equally. I ask forgiveness from each who read my words in this moment that I allowed myself to separate myself from whom you are as equal to me and allowed the enslavement of yourself here on earth. I am here, as equal to who you really are, I am here and will stand here infinitely as who you are and walk this process with you, as you, step by step, moment to moment, until you as me, realize who you are as life, awareness, equality, existence, creation, creator and stand next to me and walk with me to in turn assist all that are still lost and enslaved to understand, become, live and see who they are. I am not stopping until this is done, no-one in the dimensions are for that matter. Know this – it’s inevitable that each on earth as we in the dimensions will realize who they are, whether it is during the process on earth or dimensions through death. The process has begun, we in heaven are standing as who each are and will become and this statement and words of forgiveness I have shared is the first tool to assist all with their individual processes – as I have mentioned. No-one is able to do this for you – you have to do this for yourself. As I have done it for myself with support and assistance – one of them being the application of forgiveness. You have to stand up, realize and see who you are – no-one is able to this for you. Each is in truth alone in this process, though you do have assistance and support from others.

I am here, with you as you in every moment.

And so it is done.




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